Sheila arrested after throwing soup in restaurant employee’s face!

Some people are just f**ken full-on off-tap. Fair dinkum. One minute someone might be mildly annoyed about their soup being too f**ken hot and the next a switch might have flipped in their head and they might have thrown the meal straight in the face of an innocent restaurant employee. Yeah, nah, no s**t, this is the world we live in and exactly what’s just happened at the Sol de Jalisco Restaurant in Temple, Texas.

We reckon that by now, there’s a good chance where you’ve seen the video in which this s**t happens, and we just want to let you know that while you can get away with a lot in today’s society, you can’t get away with this.

Credit: Sol de Jalisco

Nah, yeah, Deputy Police Chief Allen Teston said at the start of the investigation that “We do not condone this type of behaviour and hold our citizens to the highest standard.” A short while later, Amanda Martinez, the soup-thrower in question was booked into Bell County Jail.

In the video, you can see her cracking the s**ts with Jannelle Broland, the manager of the restaurant. Next thing you know, she’s f**ken drenched the poor lass in it.

Credit: Sol de Jalisco

Broland reckons the attack left her feeling like she’d been pepper-sprayed. She also reckons that she’s, “Not sure how to feel about being the one to put someone in jail,” but that she’s “glad to see that Martinez is facing the consequences of her actions.”

According to reports, Martinez was having a sook that her soup was so hot it melted the lid of the container it was delivered in. By all accounts, she was getting pretty worked up when Broland told her that if she didn’t calm down she would call the police. From there, you know what happened.

Credit: Sol de Jalisco

“I was in shock,” Broland reckons. “I ran to the bathroom. I was just crying and this really nice woman was wiping me off with paper towels and wiping my face and my hair and was so, so kind. One of my coworkers took off her work shirt, put on her hoodie, and gave me her work shirt.”

Credit: Sol de Jalisco

From what we can tell, we think the soup had cooled down by the time Martinez launched it. Nevertheless, we still reckon it’s a dick move, and Texas law agrees. If Martinez is found guilty, she could spend a year in jail and face up to $4,000 dollarydoos in fines.

Final thought: We say this a lot on this site, but this is exactly the kinda thing that’s just unnecessary. Deadset, it’s not gonna win you any friends, and even if it feels good in the moment, it’s gotta leave you with some serious regret. Don’t you reckon?

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Sheila arrested after throwing soup in restaurant employee’s face!