Shopping Hauls - Day Two - Poundland

Day two of this Challenge saw me back in Llandudno as I had to pay a cheque in at the bank.  So I used this as an opportunity to do more shopping, this time at a completely different shop and at the other end of town.

It's only recently that I have rediscovered Poundland, and I didn't realise they had a website!!

See HERE if you want a peek.

When they first opened and I lived up in Cumbria I used to pop in there all the time, now many, many years later here I am thanks to social media rediscovering what they have to offer.

My Shopping Haul

Four pots of Dolmio Stir-In Sauces at just 50p each.
We enjoyed the other ones so much the other week that when I saw a few left I thought I would get some more.

A pack of 30 pencils with rubbers on the ends (my favourite sort).

A pack of A5 sized Post-It notes, which are really handy for sticking briefly in my large desk diary when I have taken notes.

A lovely pack of four nail varnishes.

A pot of 'stick your finger in and twirl' nail varnish remover to go with the above.

A multi-pack of my favourite little biscuits.  Ideal for popping into my bag or the car in case we go somewhere for a coffee that doesn't have dairy-free cakes or biscuits.  These biscuits are packed in pairs in individual packets inside the main wrapper.

A pack of three toothbrushes.  I always try to have an unopened pack of these at the caravan in case someone stays overnight and hasn't got one with them.  At just £1 for three you can't really go wrong can you.

A pack of 32 black ballpoint pens.
All our pens seem to be running out at once at the moment, so these were very needed!

And finally, because I couldn't forget my furry friends ... a packet of dog treats.
I like this sort because I can snap them up and feed them as little treats when the dogs have been good when we are out, or to tempt them back when they run off ... they know when Mum has tasty nibbles in her pocket!!

So that's it today's £10 spent, and lots of useful and a couple of tasty items.  Not a penny wasted and today I got the maths right today ... well it would be hard not to when virtually everything's a pound each !

I was really pleased with this little shopping outing.

Shopping Hauls - Day Two - Poundland