Should you save or spend your money when you're in your 20s?

 Save money

You have to save your money in your 20s in order to live comfortably later. You're at a loss if you're only starting to save money once you get employed. 


Spend money

The money you have in your 20s is just a small amount after all. Spend it as you please, go on a vacation, eat whatever you want, and do anything you can do while you're at that age. 

I personally think we should save our money. I do want to save my money, but all I'm doing right now is spending it. 

'There are a lot of people who live by the motto 'You Only Live Once' these days. But my motivation to work is so that I can buy anything I want to buy and eat anything I want to eatㅠㅠ I personally think we should spend our money in our 20s. Of course, we have to know how to save our money, though'

'I don't think we need to save our money in our early 20s. Try out things you can try at that age. If you save money now, time will pass by and your youth will just end like that. You won't earn a lot of money in your early 20s anyway'

'You can save money in your early 20s?? Just start saving money once you get employed'

'Spend your money. Go on vacations and experience a lot of things'

'I recommend saving your money in your early 20s and spend it all on vacations later. My colleague worked part-time in Paris Baguette in front of our college for a long time. She saved money and spend it all on her solo trip to Spain and Portugal for a month. It's highly recommended' 

'Spend your money. I'm turning 30 next year and I personally think experiencing things at that age is very important. You can start save money once you get employed, it's not too late'

'Save your money. I personally think it's necessary to have savings. Habits are terrifying. If you're not used to save your money, it'll be difficult to start getting used to save money'

'I used to think we should spend our money, but I changed my mind. Especially about vacations. Go on those tripsㅠㅠ I'm a job-seeker who's regretting not going on vacations...'

'It's nice to save money to buy things or go on vacations. But for long-term goals, you can start saving once you get employed. It's not too late!'

'Spend your money. I got employed and started earning money when I was in my early 20s. I worked my ass off every day for 5 years straight that I felt like I was losing myself. Now that I think about it, I focused too much on saving money. I should've played around like my friends, I'm currently regretting it. I'm not saying that you should spend all of your money, I mean spend your money for the experience. You can also spend your money on self-care'

-You should spend your money in your 20s

-It's good to save money, as long as you don't sacrifice things you want to do just to save your money...

-It's okay to spend your money in your 20s because that's the only time you can do whatever you want...

-You should play around and spend your money in your 20s. Why bother saving them?

-Spend your money. That's the only time you can enjoy your life. I, too, played around in my 20s and started saving my money when I turn 30.

-I'm the type of person who save 20-30% of my money and spend the rest of it...

-Spend your money. It's the age where you can eat anything you want and do whatever you want. 

-I think the best way to spend your money in your 20s is by going on vacations. For me, even if I have the money now, it's difficult for me to go on vacations. 

-You should save your money...

-If you're still in your early 20s, I recommend you to spend your money...

-Spend your money. You can't buy experiences with moneyㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Spend all of your money. I regret not spending my money when I was younger. 

Source: pannative

Should you save or spend your money when you're in your 20s?