Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Stormdrake Guard

Today I take to the skies to invade the blog with my finished Stormdrake Guard pics. Games Workshop kindly sent over this box set for me to take a look at before it’s released.

The Stormcast Eternals Stormdrake Guard boxset retails for £68 / €85 / $100 USD. It’s a multipart part box set that includes 2 models. You can build a few options, including a Knight Draconis and a single Stormdrake Guard or 2 Stormdrake Guards armed with either lances or swords. There are a choice of 4 female heads (1 is helmetless) and 5 male heads (1 is helmetless)There are 4 shield choices (1 is round for the Knight Draconis). The Dragons have a choice of 4 necks which is a really neat trick to add a lot of variety to the poses. There are three Dragon heads (1 is the Knight Draconis one is more ornate) each dragon head fits on any of the 4 necks. The wings are interchangeable on each dragon body too, so you can have 2 up, 2 down or 1 up and 1 down. With all this interchangeability you can field lots of Dragons and have them all a little different.

These are large models with an impressive flying height. Measuring the model with it’s wings down it’s height is 170mm to the top of the Stormcast’s head. The wingspan is also 170mm. Finally the length of the tail to the snout of the Drake is 170mm. The flying stands have a clever balljoint system with a square peg on top that locates securely in the Dragons’ bellies. If you snip the square lug off you can glue the dragons at an angle adding even more posing options.

I painted my Stormdrake Guard using the same Citadel paint recipes that I used for Krondys. You can check out that post with this link here.

Krondys and the Stormdrake Guard.

In the above photograph I’ve set all my Dracothion models. I painted the Dracothion Concussors and Vandus Hammerhand a few years ago now and I really wish they matched the new green scheme. I’m pleased I ditched the brown though. I’m really happy with the forest dragon vibe I have going on.

Finally, I have a picture of all my 3rd Edition Age of Sigmar Stormcast models painted in my Primal Kings colour scheme. It’s a small force but it totals 2185pts.

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Showcase: Stormcast Eternals Stormdrake Guard