Sierra Madre City Manager Gabe Engeland announces resignation

Gabriel Engeland, city manager of Sierra Madre for the last 4 1/2 years, has announced his resignation from City Hall’s top position and is headed to a similar position in the Bay Area.

Engeland made the announcement in a closed City Council session on Tuesday, June 15. The council will appoint an interim city manager in the next few weeks, and eventually select a permanent replacement, according to the city.

In a letter, Engeland addressed the residents of Sierra Madre, writing: “I am happy to have been a small part of a great town, and I look forward to watching Sierra Madre as it continues to thrive. The community endures and remains special — and will continue to do so, because of the way all of us love this little village.”

In a news release, Sierra Madre Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi said she was extremely thankful for Engeland’s “leadership and ability to create a culture of accountability, collaboration and transparency. I am grateful for the imprint Mr. Engeland will leave in our community.”

Engeland said by phone Wednesday, June 16 that when he began his position in Sierra Madre, the city did not have a well-funded pension system. In addition, the city had only a volunteer fire department.

Now, Sierra Madre’s pension funding is at 93%, and the the city has a career fire department.

“We’ve achieved the mission the council laid out for us,” Engeland said.

Engeland has accepted a similar position in Los Altos, a city about three times the population of Sierra Madre. He looks forward addressing issues of housing and recreational services for the community, he said.

“I’m seeking out new challenges, and I thought Los Altos provided that,” he said. Engeland’s final day of work in Sierra Madre will be July 16.

Sierra Madre City Manager Gabe Engeland announces resignation