Singing Under the Stars Quilt Pattern

Singing Under the Stars - A Quilt Pattern by Blue Ribbon Designs ©Copyright 2020 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC
Greetings friends! I can't believe the list of things I have to share with you - I have been adding to it daily...I will do my very best to get caught up and post several times this week. My studio has been buzzing with all sorts of excitement - I have been doing piles of holiday finishing for clients, I have been working on some new designs, I have been making gifts...and I have been sewing and quilting up a storm. I have also been doing some online learning and working on some new technical skills. Yes, I have been staying quite busy. So let's get to the first thing on my list...

I had a bunch of quilt pattern requests for the "Singing Under the Stars" quilt that I designed/created for the Poppie Cotton Woodland Songbirds Fabric Tour. Yep, you asked for it - so I have written the pattern. It is available in my Etsy Shop for digital download (and will be added to my website in the near future). It is a high quality PDF that will print on 16 pages of standard letter size (8.5" x 11") paper.

The sixteen page digital file includes:

  • Page 1 - Cover page with color photo
  • Page 2 - Supply page
  • Page 3 - Quilt Diagram
  • Page 4 - General Instructions and Notes
  • Pages 5 to 12 - Cutting and piecing instructions
  • Pages 13 to 16 - Applique Shapes for tracing

Singing Under the Stars - A Quilt Pattern by Blue Ribbon Designs ©Copyright 2020 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

This whimsical quilt finishes 45" W x 60" H and incorporates both traditional piecing and applique...and you will want to have some basic quilting and applique knowledge. I am super excited to bring this original quilt design to you...and I'm working on several more, including something special for an upcoming Poppie Cotton  fabric collection.

So, if you were interested in this Woodland Songbirds pattern, make your way over to my Etsy Shop! Just a note: this quilt would look great in a variety of fabrics and I have done a breakdown in the pattern that would make it easy to convert to a favorite fabric line or fabric in your stash.
Blue Ribbon Designs Logo: ©Copyright 2020 Belinda Karls-Nace/Blue Ribbon Designs, LLC

Also - you may have noticed - I have been working on my graphic design skills and have given my blue ribbon logo an overhaul! After sixteen years, it was time for a makeover...and this new quilt pattern is the first to use this new cover design art. 

Working on this delightful quilt pattern reminded me of how much I enjoy the design process and pattern writing. For me, it was the perfect project at the perfect time - just when I was getting completely burned out on holiday finishing and trying to figure out what I want to do "when I grow up", I found that little piece of joy that I have been missing. I have made a promise to myself to work on new designs - both cross stitch and quilting/sewing - each week.

So there you have it - my latest quilt pattern. I hope you will be inspired to work on something creative this weekend....and if you decide to make a "Singing Under the Stars" quilt of your very own, please be sure to share your progress with me!

Singing Under the Stars Quilt Pattern