Six picks from the August edition of Record Store Day 2020

With this year’s Record Store Day (RSD) list coming out in batches, the anticipation to snag these limited releases is spread out. 

While it’s unclear how certain releases were chosen for each date, this allows a diverse collector base to discern which RSD dates are a priority. In our age of social distancing, it’s responsible. In our age of frenzied collecting? It’s not a bad idea.

With years of long queues and endless disappointment for some, hopefully this makes way for some breathing room to nab the title you want in peace.

From this first instalment of exclusives, all released on August 29, we picked out just six that caught our eye. Good luck getting yours this weekend!

Charli XCX – Vroom Vroom EP

In 2020, Charli XCX is arguably at the forefront of innovative pop music.

2019’s Charli was the apex of her decisive shift into hyperpop mania, and not even quarantine could stop her from putting out another gem in how i’m feeling now. But back in 2016, the Vroom Vroom EP was the genesis of this unparalleled growth. 

Originally issued in a batch of 1000 copies, all signed by the artist, the record has understandably fetched premium prices online ever since. This time, we’re getting 2000 copies on crystal clear vinyl. If you slept on this in 2016, don’t make the same mistake again.

Billie Eilish – Live at Third Man Records

What was one of 2019’s most coveted vinyl records will receive a wider release.

The people at Third Man Records invited Billie Eilish for their long-running Live at Third Man Records concert series. Each performance is directly cut to acetate and pressed to vinyl, avoiding any form of digital processing. 

The difference for this release was that it was solely available at Third Man’s physical stores, with an extremely limited amount of copies featuring the splatter paintwork of Eilish herself.

You can imagine the prices that this has gone for (we’ll spell it out for you — up to US$2304). This RSD release, pressed at a generous 17,000 copies, makes it available for everyone else.

Philip Glass – The Essential

One would find it difficult to compile a concise list of essential Philip Glass compositions. And yet, Music on Vinyl has achieved it.

Pressed on a lavish 4xLP boxset, The Essential compiles some of the most iconic and celebrated works in the composer’s lengthy oeuvre. Available as 1500 numbered copies, it’ll cover tracks from recordings like Glassworks, Einstein on the Beach, Akhnaten, and Songs from Liquid Days

The boxset kicks off an extensive Philip Glass series by the label, and it features blue foil embossing and an 8-page booklet. If there’s only space for one Glass release in your collection, make it this one.

Motorhead – ‘Ace of Spades’/’Dirty Love’

It’s not RSD unless there’s a picture disc with a funky die-cut shape.

This year, it’s the heavy metal staple ‘Ace of Spades’, pressed together with Ace of Spades B-side ‘Dirty Love’ for the album’s 40th anniversary.

The single is pressed onto a spade-shaped picture disc, taking after the artwork of Motorhead‘s original release from 1980. It’s a no-frills package with one of the gnarliest anthems to ever destroy maxed-out speakers all over the world. There are 2000 copies for this title, but expect it to fly off the shelves.

Denzel Curry – ‘Bulls on Parade’

While most of us have been clued in to one of hip-hop’s most magnetic rappers for years, it was this cover of Rage Against the Machine’s 1992 classic that gained Denzel Curry some well-deserved crossover attention.

Originally recorded for Australian radio station Triple J, Curry’s explosive cover of ‘Bulls on Parade’ gets pressed on 2500 7” black vinyl copies. On the B-side is his equally astounding take on Bad Brain’s ‘I For I’.

New Order – The John Peel Sessions 1982

Rounding off this list is a classic, especially for devotees of the sacred Peel Sessions, where bands recorded one-off performances on tape for the late DJ’s radio show.

This entry by New Order features the band early in their career, transitioning from the ashes of Joy Division into the synth-pop superstars they would soon become. 

While most entries in this series sport the same distinct sleeve design, this RSD edition — retitled as The John Peel Sessions 1982 and limited to 7500 copies — features artwork by long-time collaborator Peter Saville.

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Six picks from the August edition of Record Store Day 2020