Six Tips on Staying Positive During Injury

Injuries are a part of life for a runner, triathlete, or endurance athlete. It’s just something that we have to deal with and the injury comes when we least expect it to occur. When it happens, everything comes to a halt. Now what? How do we deal with the drop in training without getting depressed?

Here are five tips on staying positive during injury:

1 – Think about people in your Life who Inspire You

There have been a number of triathletes who have had major injuries and yet, they seemed so positive. Take their positive energy and use that energy to know that this is just temporary. You will be back.

2 – Set New Goals

Okay, you may not be able to do that Ironman that you were training for, but there will be other Ironman events. Reflect on what you really want and make a plan for the season or year ahead.

3 – When you Can, Cross-Train!

You may not be able to do anything for a while because of the severity of the injury. However, when you can, think about cross-training. If you can’t run, run in the pool. If you can’t cycle, maybe you can swim with a pull buoy. There will be something you can do. Make sure to talk with your doctor, before starting an exercise regimen.

4 – Talk with Someone

Whether you have a friend, a coach, or a therapist, it’s important to talk with someone about your feelings. Talking about feelings will help you.

5 – Look at Strava

Don’t look at Strava to get upset that you can’t do those things, celebrate the victories of your friends and co-competitors.

6 – Celebrate the Moment

You will have small wins and larger wins. Whatever the case, look around and be grateful.

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Six Tips on Staying Positive During Injury