SKAA Pro Technology Integrated In New Cerwin-Vega Studio Monitors

Eleven Engineering has announced that its proporietary SKAA Pro wireless technology has been incorporated in the recently announced VEGA series of powered, DSP-controlled studio monitors from Cerwin-Vega that are expected to be available later this year.

The monitors will be sold as a pair pack consisting of a hub and a satellite unit. The hub monitor is the “control” monitor and the satellite receives SKAA Pro transmission from either the hub monitor or from other SKAA integrated sources. In addition to SKAA, the new VEGA4S, VEGA6S, VEGA8S and VEGA10S models will also include Bluetooth 5.1 as well as traditional wired inputs.

“One of the principal disadvantages of using traditional wireless audio solutions in a pro audio setting is inherent latency issues and navigating through an abundance of wireless traffic,” says Rex Whitehead, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Eleven Engineering. “SKAA’s low latency ability is something that Bluetooth and WiFi audio-based solutions cannot accomplish for many reasons. However, there are even more demanding applications, such as critical studio and live performance (DJ) that require even lower latency. This is where SKAA Pro takes over.”

“The new VEGA studio monitors are truly a class-leading product,” adds Bob Chanthavongsa, Cerwin-Vega vice president of sales and marketing, “With embedded SKAA/SKAA Pro technology, these monitors not only reproduce amazing sound and signature Vega bass, they deliver the form and function that artists require in order for them to create and perform at the highest level imaginable.

“These monitor speakers are ideal for music professionals that require their music in real time with fixed latency, no delays, or acoustical music loss,” Chanthavongsa adds. “For a complete aural experience, two additional VEGA satellite monitors can be connected via SKAA wireless technology without any performance hindrance.”

The new VEGA studio monitor speakers are expected to be shipping in early Q4 of 2022. Projected retail pricing is expected to range from $659.99 for the VEGA4S model to $1,399.99 for the VEGA10S model.

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SKAA Pro Technology Integrated In New Cerwin-Vega Studio Monitors