Sky News Defends It’s New Talk Show Hitler And Friends

Niche cable channel Sky News Australia has defended their new talk show Hitler and friends claiming the show is merely a former Dictator talking to his pals about how the World could be improved.

”The so-called ‘PC police’ are jumping on this show before even giving it a chance,” said a Sky News Spokesperson. ”How dare they attack Hitler, sure he’s done a few terrible things in his time but we’ve all made mistakes.”

”Is it only the loony left or the twitterati that gets a second chance these days?”

When asked why they were giving a murderous Dictator an audience the Spokesperson said: ”Well, let’s be honest it’s not much of an audience on a good night Paul Murray might come close to breaking the elusive triple figures mark.”

“But, hey you may not agree with Hitler but you should at least listen to what he has to say.”

”Besides, have you listened to some of our other hosts, Hitler’s pretty tame compared to those.”

Hitler and friends debuts later in the month on Sky News with scheduled guests: Steve Bannon, Blair Cottrell and Lauren Southern.

Mark Williamson


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Sky News Defends It’s New Talk Show Hitler And Friends