Snow Storms - Winter Storms - Snow Threatens Peach Trees Hit by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. Women in Meteorology.

I posted this picture on February 17th....
... a beautiful pink array of blossoms on a nearby tree.

Below is out my window this morning.
Note the gray, white skies are a constant.
The maple tree has new baby red leaves on it.
Signs of Spring but it feels like Winter.

Where we are today with regard to weather.
Winter Weather to be exact!

Note how low the snow dips down into Arkansas.
All sliding East.
And there's another system behind it!

A lot of weather warnings there.
Red alert day for many places.

Being honest here, trying to watch national weather is at times hard when you are between seasons in the Carolinas and only really want to know one or two things. 

What time is it going to start to rain today?
Is there any chance for snow flakes on the tail end of the next system?

Extra Credit: Is this going to mess up the fruit trees that started to bloom already?

Cantore brought it up also on TWC.

It's worth remembering those trees will be wet from rain.
Then cold, cold temperatures blow in on a strong wind.
Perhaps there is even a chance of a drop of snow?
Who knows?
Mother Nature seems to work in real time this year.
GFS may be beating the EURO with this one.

The local weather people have been talking on this or more so worrying on this as a possibility. Trees they be a blooming. My maple tree is unfurling it's leaves inch by inch, day by day, still in the red mode and it always amazes me it turns bright green eventually; kind of like those blonde hair little boys I had whose hair turned almost black as they got in their twenties.

Wednesday morning we have a forecast low of 21 and that's going to take a bite out of some of those early blooming trees.  When people plant early and are told it's too soon they were warned. But the blooming of trees early after warm weather is something that cannot be controlled and it has happened this year after a very warm February and now with a cold March coming into areas already hit hard by Hurricane Florence may be hit again by Mother Nature on the rampage with freezing temperatures hurting the peach crop. It's not just the peace crop but areas under the gun for severe weather today and freezing temperatures this week are in peach country.

Again it's not all about whether New York City gets snow or if Boston is snow satisfied ... it's a big country we live in and every place has their own wishes for the weather they want and concerns they will get the weather they don't want.  My daughter wants the snow to stop and for things to warm up however moving up to Pomona Heights area vs living down in Bayswater on the water has changed her weather watching from watching the high tides that flooded her street to "how much snow am I getting?" and this girl has been watching weather for years and years. So obviously I watch her and whoever she likes weather wise...

So Dina said I have to follow Amy Freeze... I did as Dina knows weather.

No we cannot cancel the weather.
The EURO may lose to the GFS.
This may get interesting.
(Wow some huge bird just flew past my window.. was white and huge, hold on.
remember to wear coat when going outside...)

Good link to Bernie Rayno on models and forecasts.
Frustration and honesty.

Oddly I have not spoken to Cranky this morning.
And yet he's tweeting on what I'm thinking about.

A good article about a woman who went into meteorology early on and had to balance family needs and her own need for a degree in meteorology. Motherhood is wonderful, really, but it ends up always being a balancing act trying to be a good mother and following your own dreams. Women like her rarely get movies made about them and rarely does anyone hear about them but they were brave, stubborn and followed their dreams. We should hear more about them.

My daughter Dina who I've mentioned watches different women meteorologists I rarely hear about and she of course watches them on Instagram. My daughter had dyslexia when young that she did overcome and eventually attained a Bachelors Degree from Touro University with her younger sister back in 2012. They are both awesome, but no teacher in elementary school or middle school ever expected Dina to go to college let alone graduate and she did so with great grades. She had a dream, but more so she had a goal and she didn't give up. How many people reading this have a dream but don't even try pursuing it or make only lists of reasons they could never do that? I never broke her spirit for good or bad. She dropped out of high school in the 9th grade and went to work for the principal's wife as a teacher's aid in her preschool. She traveled the world, the country to music festivals and went to Venice on her 25th birthday with her best friend because she wanted to.... and she went back to college after getting an online high school degree because her mother (me) begged her to and I may have tricked her into it but hey she's got a diploma! To be honest I thought she'd switch schools and maybe go to Art School, but no she stayed with college studying psychology and art getting one of the first degrees from Touro with an emphasis on multi-media art. My kids, all of them, always inspire me and trying to explain how during the quiet off season when no tropical waves are rolling across the Atlantic and forecast to get a name and become hurricanes.  Welcome to my "off season" here...

And because I did follow Amy Freeze
In a serendipity kind of way I learned more today.

What a story. 
I cannot believe anyone birthed 16 children.
And I've birthed many so for me to be shocked...
...and yet despite the large family she kept going.
What a story really. 
Please follow Amy Freeze.
My daughter Dina is right indeed.

Down in Carolina watching snow forecasts for up the coast.
How close will it get.
I said the other day I expect Roxboro will get snow flakes.
Watching the models and the loops.

Women can do anything.
I bought my granddaughter Olivia a tee shirt that says that.
But mothers have to work twice as hard at least.
Life is balance in ways.
I'm sure it's hard for men too...
But they don't have to go to college ...
with a baby kicking in their tummy.
Men don't have to fight off morning sickness... don't have to deal with postpartum depression.
Another weather person Dina loves.

And I saw this today about a young woman...
...following her dream.
Happy to he the "weekend meteorologist" in Panama City.
Panama City got Hurricane Michael.
It also got rain all winter.
Wondering on what this hurricane season will bring.
Someone to follow as she follows her dream.

What's my dream?
Oh I keep my dreams and secrets private.

Maybe I'll spend this week reviewing my dreams.
What are your dreams?

Take care, be happy and be wise.
Choose wisely and never give up.
Or as Reed Timmer says never stop chasing.
I'll add never stop doing .... 
dreaming is good but doing is better ;)
Looks like Brittney is going to busy this Sunday.

Besos BobbiStorm
Still have tropical dreams.....
 but wish I could see some snow flakes!

Ps... For my gal Sue :) who taught me to ... go to the beach talk to the waves.
To suspend reality and just be silly.
To be strong, tough and do what you got to do...

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Snow Storms - Winter Storms - Snow Threatens Peach Trees Hit by Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. Women in Meteorology.