Sommer Cable Introduces 4K60 HDMI Adapters Set

Sommer Cable has introduced its new 4K60 HDMI adapters set with a selection of coupling connectors. The precise presentation connection is often the first challenge in a meeting — picking the right adapter between the presentation source and the existing monitor or projector.

Sommer 4K60

The 4K60 HDMI adapter ring features the correct adapters ready to connect the most common signal types in the IT and AV media technology sectors to HDMI. Presentation participants can connect their laptops to the available monitors or projectors in the conference room with full support of 4K60 signals.

Sommer’s 4K60 connector types are designed to adapt laptops, tablets, and smartphones with a Displayport1.4, MiniDisplayport1.4, or USB-C output to HDMI. Three attached cable clips on the adapter ring also enable the secure fixed installation of an HDMI connection cable (clamping range 4.5 – 8.6 mm / 0.18 – 0.34 in.).

The following connectors are included:

  • Displayport 1.4 plug > HDMI socket
  • MiniDisplayport 1.4 plug > HDMI socket
  • USB-C plug (DP Alt Mode) > HDMI socket

Sommer’s VGA Adapter


If VGA signals are also to be connected, Sommer’s active DVM-HDT-VAHD2 VGA-HDMI adapter is an ideal accessory. As an optional complement, VGA sources can be linked via the active adapter, which converts a VGA signal up to 1080p with high quality into an HDMI stream. The audio signal is also embedded.

Sommer High-Speed HDMI Cable

For a practical and reliable HDMI cable, Sommer recommends their HI-HDSL series with compact connectors and increased plug-in force. Combined with the lightweight HDMI Ultraslim HI-HDSL series, the result is the optimum 4K60 connecting set. The flexible, slim 3.6 mm (0.14 in.) cable and the ultra-compact, non-slip full-metal connector with the correct size of the HDMI mating surface ensures a low weight and an ideally tuned plug-in force that guarantees a perfect fit in any HDMI socket with a guaranteed performance of 18 Gb/s@ 60 Hz.

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Sommer Cable Introduces 4K60 HDMI Adapters Set