Song Review: Apink – Thank You

Apink - Thank YouThough they might not make full-fledged comebacks as frequently as they used to, Apink can always be counted on for an anniversary track. Every April, they release a new song in honor of their debut milestone, and most of these have been upbeat affairs rather than schlocky fan service ballads. Thank You (고마워) keeps this streak going. It’s a frothy pop song that easily accomplishes its goal.

I say this because I don’t think Thank You was designed to be anything other than a celebration. Not all songs have to be epic throwdowns, and although I may not listen to this much after today, I can appreciate it for the good clean fun that it is. Across their ten-year career, Apink have managed to deepen and develop their sound without losing the fresh innocence of their debut-era work. Thank You could have easily been recorded during any year of their existence, and that timelessness is an asset.

This is the second song this month co-composing by Duble Sidekick. I’m hoping this producer duo will regain popularity in 2021, as their sound is refreshingly trend-free and especially well-suited to summertime bops. Thank You is not one of their stronger melodies, but they bring a sense of classic, feel good pop effervescence. For Apink’s part, the girls manage to deliver a cutesy track without coming across as inauthentic or overexaggerated, making Thank You feel like a suitable compliment to their legacy.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.75


Song Review: Apink – Thank You