SPRM Deletes ‘Fake MC’ Video Following Backlash, Here’s What They Have To Say About It

Recently, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) released a video to urge the public to avoid obtaining fake MCs.

While the concept of the video felt off, doctors all across Malaysia also felt offended by how they have been depicted and demanded an apology from SPRM.

SPRM has since deleted the video and has shared a statement in regards to the situation.

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“For everyone’s information, the video that was published aimed to educate the community and bring awareness to the people on the actions of offering, giving and accepting bribes.”

“In the context of this video, it refers to the issue of giving fake MCs and this example is based on real situations that have been investigated by SPRM, through complaints that we received from employers and the public to the commission”, they wrote.

They added that they had no intention of offending anyone.

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“This commission did not intend to undermine or question the professionalism of medical specialists or practitioners in this issue.”

“SPRM truly appreciates all efforts, sacrifices and contributions from all medical practitioners in this country, especially when our country was facing the Covid-19 outbreak”. they added.

And due to that reason, they have since decided to delete the video entirely.

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Source: SPRM
Source: SPRM

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SPRM Deletes ‘Fake MC’ Video Following Backlash, Here’s What They Have To Say About It