Starting off the project Download Lingerie Patterns

As mentioned in my last blog how-to-blind-stitch-crotch-lining-in-a-pantie I’ve been working lately on my new project for download lingerie patterns. And it’s starting off today! The first brand new design was just finished some minutes ago. But instead of listing this one in my shops to me it seemed a good idea to offer this first as a FREE download to all my newsletter subscribers. It will be available for free only untill Februari 15 (year 2016) and only for my newsletter subscribers. After Februari 15 it will be listed in my Etsy shop Merckwaerdigh Etsy Shop and many other designs will follow through the year. Most of them will be designs already available in the paper patterns but also brand new designs.

As downloads the lingerie patterns will be quite different from the paper patterns. For these I always have to make sure to keep the directions briefly because it will effect the shipping cost. Instead of of simply cutting up the paper patterns and copying the text I’ll make the downloads fun to look at, easier to follow and with loads of pictures. The downloads will only have one design at a time and not a collection of several designs in one pattern like the papar patterns.  It’s a lot of work so please don’t expect download patterns becoming available weekly.

The newsletter with the link to this pattern will go out today. But of course you wonder what the design looks like, don’t you?

pocket boxer front

It’s kind of a sporty boxer short, low rise at the hips and a little low at the legs. I’ve used 2 different remnants lycra to test the design, this way I could best check the right spot for the extra front seams. In the picture you can see a glimpse of a pocket, this is an optional choice. You could make the boxer short without it or add one pocket or even 2 pockets at both sides. Just as you like it.

pocket boxer pocket

Here’s a closer view at the pocket. This could be quite handy clubbing and dancing the night away without worrying where to keep your keys or your lipstick … Or maybe at the beach when you don’t want to leave them behind while you’re swimming. The side seams are turned a bit to the front ecause otherwise the pockets would stay open too much.

The extra seams are in the back as well. No pockets there of course …

pocket boxer back

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Starting off the project Download Lingerie Patterns