Starting the new Decade - Weight Maintenance- Send Your Friends- Jan 2020

Bye 2019, hello new decade

Okay, Okay. Here's my first blog post of 2020.

I've decided to be more active on IG, FB, Twitters (if you aren't mean, I won't block you-LOL)

I will post 1-2 month blog updates in 2020. Certainly I can manage this. It's important to keep updating in Weight Maintenance.

Why? Most maintainers, but not all ,will go back to obesity pretty quick. It's important to associate with active , long term weight maintainers so you can get some mentoring, paid or otherwise. Just my 2 cents. But, I'm pretty sure I'm 100% right.

And guess what, you can maintain at WW, low fat or whatever. I could not, but that does not mean there are many who can. Knock yourself out and please send over (Red Rover) your friends to LCHF and Keto, if they struggle with maintenance in other plans that aren't working.

 Because having a choice is what made me successful. Thanks!

Send your friends. Swoop in and steal ideas from old posts. Follow my IG stories to see how to cook meat, vege, and render fat. Follow Facebook too see

BE ONE WITH WEIGHT MAINTENANCE. And tell yourself you are a weight maintainer. I'm the budget weight maintainer. My interactions are free, yo! This also keeps me accountable to myself as an "upholder" so it helps me just as much.

OMG- That just rolled right out of my head. My only 2 hard in cement goals for 2020 are

1. Keep dishes clean (place in dishwasher, hand wash, put away) daily
2. Track all food 24/7/365 on My Fitness Pal

I'm still working on my 20 for 2020 list. 

Everything else is frosting on the cupcake I stopped eating in April 2011 because I'm a food addict in recovery. Onward. I pray for safe travels and navigating the ups and downs in 2020 for you. Post in comments if you feel like doing so, otherwise catch you over on the GRAM.

Photos tell all:

8.5 years of long term weight maintenance

Test, Do not Guess your blood glucose

These two cats!!! LOL

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Starting the new Decade - Weight Maintenance- Send Your Friends- Jan 2020