STAYC spits facts about groups who lipsyncㄷㄷ

We only feel like we're really performing if we sing live

Are there any reasons why we sing live? We sing live because we're singers

My energy is not coming out if I don't perform live

Because the energy you radiate when you lipsync during your performance is different


1. [+483][-5] I don't think they're attacking any groups, they're just saying the truth

2. [+345][-7] Rather than 'attacking' other groups, I think they have their own principles and they have every rights to do so. 

3. [+280][-17] I think STAYC is the group that suits the definition of healthy and clean...

4. [+157][-4] If you think STAYC is attacking some specific groups, you're indirectly saying, 'Ah, the group that I stan lipsync and these girls are crazy for attacking them'ㅋㅋㅋ It shows

5. [+90][-3] They have the right mindset
The PD said that it's not your fault if your voice cracks. If you sing out of tune, it means you don't practice. But if your voice cracks, it doesn't mean you don't practice.
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STAYC spits facts about groups who lipsyncㄷㄷ