Students From M’sian Private Uni Claim That Those Staying On Campus Are Being Held ‘Prisoners’

Recently, a local private university in Selangor was called out by its students for allegedly not letting its students who are staying on campus accommodation to leave campus.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, a student from the university who chose to remain anonymous said that students are also not allowed to voice out and if they were to do so, the university would threaten to take away their scholarships.

In regards to the claim that students are not being allowed to leave the campus, the student claimed that this has been happening ever since September 2020 up until now.

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Additionally, the student pointed out that the management of the university has been ignoring the students and has still not released any official statements on when students would finally be allowed to be free from campus.

The student also pointed another instance of mismanagement that happened last year where a student experienced a near death experience because of dengue, but the management took a while before finally letting him out to go to the hospital.

“He then had to stay in the intensive care at the hospital for a few days to recover and to save his kidneys.”

The student in question has shared his experience on an online forum. “I caught the Dengue virus a few months before and the university treated me so badly which resulted in my situation worsening and me almost dying.”

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Social media page created for students to share similar experiences

A social media page has also been created to highlight the issue. One of the captions of the posts reads, “Freedom is the oxygen of the soul. Being free is a basic necessity of human rights, and today we demand our rights to be given back to us.”

“We have been living this way for way too long and we cannot take this anymore. Our mental health are spiraling,” they added.

“This is our voice, this is our demand, and we pledge that the public and the management of the university hear our cry for help.”

“Free us, let us live the way we are intended to live, let us out. Should you implement stricter restrictions and rules to the students whilst going out, so be it, we will accept it, as long as we are allowed to go out just like everyone else,” it reads.

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It also said, “We are willing to comply to any rules that comes with it, we just need our freedom back, we need to go out, this isn’t just about having fun, but this is about our mental health and wellbeing.”

In the video posted by an anonymous student, they highlighted how it is unfair that employees of the university are allowed to leave whenever they want, but the same rules don’t apply to the students.

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“Why are we treated so inhumanely? We don’t deserve to be treated this way. We are not prisoners. We can’t even organise events and gather together,” they mentioned.

“This has impacted the mental health of students and ensured that we live in a constant state of depression,” said the poster.

“At the slightest disobedience, they intimidate us and threaten to take away our scholarship, take away our visa, penalise or even kick us out of the university.

WORLD OF BUZZ has reached out to the university for a statement but has yet to receive a response.


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Students From M’sian Private Uni Claim That Those Staying On Campus Are Being Held ‘Prisoners’