Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colors Swatches

Hello beautiful creatures! Today I’m sharing my Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colors swatches with you. Because of lockdown, I had to purge a ton of my liquid lipsticks. I tossed anything that smelled off or seemed dried out. Sugarpill recently had a Pink sale, which I used to pick up Luvbug and Sumbunny. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to share my remaining collection with you.

Where to Buy
Sugarpill, Beautylish

$18 each

About my Skin Tone

I have a very fair neutral to cool yellow undertone for my skin tone. My favorite foundation matches right now are as follows:

  • Juvia’s Place Shade Stick Foundation in Tokyo
  • Urban Decay Hydromaniac Tinted Glow Hydrator in 10 Ultra Fair Neutral
  • Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Skin Finish Buildable Coverage Foundation Stick in Angel Food
  • Milk Makeup Flex Foundation Stick in Porcelain
  • Marc Jacobs Extra Shot Caffeine Foundation in Light 110
  • Nyx Born to Glow Radiant Foundation in Pale

You can see swatches of how these foundations look on me in this foundation swatch roundup.

I take my swatch photos outdoors in direct sunlight and indoors next to a window with indirect sunlight.

Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colors Swatches

Pale Skin Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color Swatches Fair Skin Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color Swatches Light Skin Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color Swatches

  • Row 1 – Luvbug – Sumbunny – Sub-Zero
  • Row 2 – Strange Love – Vertigo – U4EA
  • Row 3 – Truth or Dare – Hijinx – Shiver
  • Row 4 – Trinket – Next – Pillow Fight

Shade Descriptions for my Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colors Swatches

  • Luvbug – Bright blue-based red loaded with sparkles
  • Sumbunny – Metallic rosy lavender
  • Sub-Zero – Blackened navy blue infused with multi-dimensional teal sparkles
  • Strange Love – Deep metallic oxblood red with sparkle.
  • Vertigo – Muted smoky purple infused with multi-dimensional teal sparkles
  • U4EA – (Euphoria) is a super saturated, darkened matte teal
  • Truth or Dare – Blackened burgundy with purple and gold sparkles.
  • Hijinx – Deep berry infused with multi-dimensional teal sparkles
  • Shiver – Perfect cobalt blue with subtle metallic sheen.
  • Trinket – Creamy matte mauve infused with luminous golden sparkles that shine brighter as the formula sets
  • Next – Rosy pale nude with rainbow sparkles
  • Pillow Fight – Dusty mauve with purple, silver, and gold sparkles.

Liquid Lip Color Thoughts

Sugarpill Liquid Lip Color Swatches

Luvbug is new for me. I love bright blue-based reds. These types of colors pop against my fair skin and make my teeth look whiter. Sumbunny is a very pretty metallic lavender that sort of feels like a cooler-toned version of Trinket.

Sub-Zero is one of my all-time favorite teal blues! It’s a blackened navy blue base with teal sparkles. U4EA is a deep teal blue matte. I love teal blues and this one is no exception. Shiver (discontinued) is a metallic cobalt blue.

Strange Love (discontinued) will probably not last me much longer, but it’s still not dead yet. I adore deep metallic oxbloods. Truth or Dare is a beautiful blackened burgundy with sparkles. It’s a slightly deeper version of Strange Love and a good replacement shade.

Vertigo is a muted smoky purple with teal sparkles. I’m addicted to teal, so love that Sugarpill uses it as an accent in loads of lip colors. This shade reminds me of a deeper version of the old Kim Chi lip color. Hijinx is a deep, vivid berry with teal sparkles.

Trinket is a warm mauve with gold sparkles. Next is a warm rosy nude with rainbow sparkles. Pillow Fight is a mauve with sparkles.

What I love about the Sugarpill liquid lip colors formula is that it doesn’t dry out my lips. It’s a very comfortable matte liquid lipstick formula that lasts all day with minimal wear for me. I prefer the metallic or sparkly finishes to pure matte, and Sugarpill doesn’t disappoint with their sparkles!

What do you look for in a liquid lip color? Do you love the Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colors? Let me know!

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Sugarpill Liquid Lip Colors Swatches