Summertime Storms for the Southeast Continue

We have seen numerous storms across parts of the southeast over the last few days with gusty winds and heavy rainfall. More rain is on the way in a very humid airmass and southerly flow around a stalled frontal boundary and area of low pressure in the Gulf.


More rain and thunderstorms will be possible along a stalled frontal boundary sticking around through the end of the workweek. The counterclockwise flow around an area of low pressure in the Gulf of Mexico will stream high amounts of moisture northward into the atmosphere.  Thunderstorms are expected to be sub-severe, but we could see some pockets of steadier rain and gusty winds.

Due to the heavy rain, the Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has highlighted a marginal risk (level 1 out of 4) for excessive rainfall through the next few days across the Southeast. The higher risk area situated through Texas is due to the Gulf Low being monitored for tropical development potential.



Most will get an inch of rain or so, but higher totals of 3-5″ are possible in pockets of heavy, training thunderstorms. This could cause localized flooding.

The ground is dry in many locations across the southeast and south central, with the exception of central Alabama and southern Florida. In areas that are dry, the ground is capable of accepting new rainfall.


Heavy rain within thunderstorms remain a threat through the next few days along a front. Areas that have already seen an abundance of rainfall will be susceptible to flooding.

Most of these storms will be sub-severe, but a couple storms in Florida and Louisiana could be on the strong side over the next few afternoons.

The frontal boundary gradually dissipates on Friday, but moisture will continue to stream northward. This will keep showers and storms around for the Southeast to kick off the holiday weekend.

With the high humidity, heavy rain will be possible with any thunderstorms that develop. Storms will be slow moving, bringing the potential for flooding.

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Summertime Storms for the Southeast Continue