Symptoms of a Victim Mentality

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How often do you say, “Other people have it easier,” “Why does this only happen to me?” or “I can’t do anything right.” Your outlook can work for you or against you…it’s your choice. Negative habits produce negative results. Here are seven symptoms of a victim mentality:

Feeling powerless and helpless. Some people feel they don’t have control over their situation. So they don’t even try to affect the outcome.

Dwelling on negativity. Some folks complain about their tough life just to attract attention or to fill a void in conversation.

Generating self-abuse. Some people continually put themselves down.

Remaining stuck in the past. Some folks refuse to let go of disappointments.

Blaming the world. Some people blame scapegoats for their difficulties and setbacks.

Being consumed by problems. Some folks wear their problems as a badge of honor.

Feeling cheated. Some people are envious and resentful. They believe that “the world isn’t fair.”

Life Isn’t Perfect — Stop Being a Victim

Life isn’t easy. It’s that simple. We all encounter problems, face obstacles, and experience setbacks. Why should it be any different for you? So stop the whining, blaming, and negativity. You’re only hurting yourself. Great athletes know that winning is as much mental as it is physical. Success takes effort day in and day out — even when your body says “enough.” There is great truth to the saying that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Overcoming setbacks will give you the confidence, strength, and determination to meet your next challenge. The opposite is also true. Being handed everything on a silver platter will cause atrophy of the soul. Don’t make yourself a victim. Winners make the effort while losers make excuses.

Do You Show Any of These Symptoms?

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Symptoms of a Victim Mentality