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The Gospel of a 99% Consensus

The time of divine revelation as the path to knowledge and truth is behind us, at least in the Western world. The scientific revolution saw to

A Series of Miracles

On October 3, 1789 George Washington signed the first Thanksgiving Proclamation of the newly constituted American Republic. He called upon the

The Fire and the Dream

Conservative leader William F. Buckley Jr. and black writer James Baldwin engaged, or engaged rather incompletely, in a celebrated debate on the

Who Was Buckley?

At a time when American conservatism is said to have lost its way as a principled force, a careful reexamination seems necessary, for those who

The Recovery of Liberty

“Every one of these fundamental principles that have (sic) given us life, liberty, and prosperity is under attack,” says Mark Levin. Can the

Will Evergrande Go Bankrupt?

The largest real estate developer in China—and one of the largest in the world—is on the brink of bankruptcy. The problems this could create in