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Back to Ballet

After 6 months maternity leave I’m officially back to work !The last six months have been incredibly difficult for us all. Coronavirus has been

Maternity street wear

Here are some maternity street wear looks that I put together before the Covid19 outbreak! I can’t believe we are living through these times,

Changing Bodies

I’ve just approached my second trimester and it’s quite incredible how much my body has changed already. This blog shares how I got with first 13

The Jockstrap

‘What do men wear down there ?’ It’s a taboo question but I’m sure many are curious to find what it is. Is it stuffed ? Is it a box ? Well

The Costume Practice Skirt.

There is a lot to prepare for when rehearsing a role, learning the choreography is only half of it!You’ve got to build the stamina and work out the

William Bracewell Photography

You may know William Bracewell for his amazing talent on stage ( First Soloist with The Royal Ballet Company ) but there is another string to this

Ballerinas Respite

A dancer's life is very busy. Not only are we performing most evenings but during the day we're preparing for upcoming productions. It's never as

Every Dancer Has a Trump Card

Every dancer has a trump card !Can you turn for days and only stop when you fancy it ? Can you jump so high that a photographer misses your head? Do

A Ballerinas Dressing Room

MARGOT FONTEYN  When I was a child I loved finding old black and white photographs of ballerinas backstage. In their dressing rooms and going

What I Eat In A Day

 So, what does Olivia eat?So, after the success of my recent blog ‘Should You Be Eating That Cake