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Charlie’s Birth Story

Disclaimer: This post mentions pregnancy loss. Charles Gregory King (named after my dad Gregory) was born April 14, 2021, around 9:30am. He’s our

Built-In Bookshelves Plans

OUR WHY We are expecting baby #3. In our 2-bedroom, 1200-square-foot (about 111-square-meter) home, we do our best to maximize the space. Currently,

Easter Activities 2020

Easter Themed Activities Most of these ideas are my own. I gave credit to the source if the idea isn’t mine! Note: You could set up the easy

Disney Road Trip, Part 2

I wasn’t planning on this being 2 parts, but darn it is a lot of information! So I split it into 2. If you missed part 1, click HERE! Here’s

Disney World Road Trip

(click image to pin) Looking for part 2? Click HERE! We went to Walt Disney World! Orlando, Florida, is roughly a 14-hour drive from our house, so

Quiche Cups (6.5 months+)

I make a quiche about once a week, but honestly, my favorite part is the crust. Alexander loves quiche and will eat it almost always, regardless of