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Rosemary Lentils

I make a large batch of rosemary lentils at the beginning of the week and have them cold for my lunches all week long. On top of that, I also

This Week on the Farm

a lunch mostly from the gardenI know, it's just a backyard garden. Sometimes, though, it does feel a bit like I'm a farmer. Here's what I've been

4th of July Ice Cubes

Most of my holiday stuff has been purchased after the holiday, on clearance. A couple of years ago after the 4th of July, I found this star-shaped

Tweaks to My Car Baking

So, on Monday I tweaked both the cookies and the bread and was pretty happy with the results. I wanted to share in case any one else is crazy enough

Baking Cookies in a Hot Car

How crazy is this? I used my car to bake a giant cookie and small loaf of bread on Saturday and a batch of smaller cookies and a loaf of bread on