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Unlike David Bowie, I do know what I've been waiting for...tomorrow I have a game against another, live, actual human being.It will be my first

Brimming Over

I've been struggling with motivation to actually paint recently (rebasing doesn't count).This is something that happens to me for time to time, and

Flame War

After getting side-tracked by superheroes for a bit, I'm returning to the task of finishing off the contents of my Start Collecting: Daemons of

Riding High

Work on the Daemons of Tzeentch continues with my first HQ unit: a Herald of Tzeentch riding a Disc of Tzeentch, or 'Fluxmaster'.This model comes

In The Pink

Feeling good about my progress this week, as I've managed to get 10 Pink Horrors done and set the tone of the whole army.(For reference, the photos

Time For A Change

The tendrils of Chaos have wrapped themselves round my thoughts, and despite the best efforts of the noble Blood Angel's, a new force has been