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TNG – The Naked Now

 Plot – Sex virus wipes out crew and infects the Enterprise causing much silliness. Wesley takes over the ship and saves the day. Just read that

VOY - Night

Plot – I love the Captain Proton holodeck programme and it is a huge feather in Voyager’s cap; camp, silly and really enjoyable. It doesn’t

Terra Prime

 Plot – When Trip and T’Pol’s baby turns up on the viewscreen as the most dangerous enemy that humanity has ever faced, I wondered if that was

TNG – Reunion

 Plot – Worf gets so wound up by K’ehlyr’s utter disrespect for Klingon traditions but I just want to cheer. She points out in entirely

ENT – Carbon Creek

Plot – This strikes me as exactly the sort of thing that Enterprise was designed to do. To lean into the history of Star Trek and put a pleasing

VOY – Drone

 Plot – We’re seeing the Seven of Nine story play out in a microcosm but this time she is the mentor and an innocent drone is the character we

DS9 – Strange Bedfellows

 Plot – The previous episode dropped an almighty bombshell on the audience that I think is supposed to rock the war to its very foundations…the

DS9 – Change of Heart

Plot – Accidentally taking fire from a Jem H’adar weapon or accidentally being mowed down by a P’ah Wraith possessed Dukat…it would seem that