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An Awesome Weekend

This past weekend, I was at a Hockey Tournament in the Halton Hills area with my #4 grandson. The weather was conductive for me to go, as snow was


Back in May I took the Saturn into my garage in Tavistock as the A/C wasn't working very well. The garage did a temporary fix. To fix it properly, I

Family Get Together

Yesterday, we had a family get together on the family farm.My great grandparents Peter & Mary Roth purchased the second farm about 1914 when

Happy 72nd Birthday

Another year not being able to celebrate his birthday. Happy Birthday SweetieI have made a couple of purchase in the last couple of months. The

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The following are some of the meals I have prepared. I keep forgetting to take pictures.Salmon with dill sauce and saladIn slow cooker, roast beef,

What a Difference a Day Makes

Last week I got my Christmas directions out of storage. I slowly started decorating. The first day I was working on the front window. Being as I have

Happy Thanksgiving

This morning (Monday) as I was starting to prepare this posting, I finally realized how everyone figured out that my last posting was on my birthday.

Successful Dinner and Memorial Stone

Two weeks ago, I invited my Dad, sister and brother-in-law for dinner. They were the first guests I had over for a meal.  I prepared a beef roast in

Much Needed Update!

The best news of all, is that the RV is SOLD. The new owner picked it up on Thursday. I didn't get the price that I wanted but I think it was a

Not Much Happening

I seem to be getting back into my routine. I compute in the morning then read. Added to this, I now  also listen to our Prime Minister, Justin

Staying Safe

Finally doing some decorating by getting pictures up. I had thought I was to going to ask for help to hang the following pictures. With everything

Still Busy

In my last posting, I forgot to mention that I went to Grandson #4's hockey game. On his first shift on the ice, he got a breakaway on scored his

Almost Feels Like Spring

Not exactly sure what I have been doing but I do something everyday. The other Friday, I throw out supper. I had put a chicken breast in the new

Busy Couple of Weeks

About 2 weeks ago, my brother-in-law delivered the china buffet that was at my brother's. I had emptied the boxes prior to the buffet arriving.