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A Constitutional Crisis?

 Session of the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee  - March 20, 2023 (JTA)Ben Sales of  JTA reports the following: In a country that is

Jewish American? Or American Jew?

(JTA illustration by Mollie Suss)So which is it? Are you an American Jew or a Jewish-American? This question was posed by Andrew Silow-Carroll in a

The World is Falling Apart!

January 6, 2021 - Is a sequel on the horizon?No one is above the law. Not even the President or former President of the United States.  When

Jew Against Jew - The Enemy is Us!

Netanyahu and Herzog (TOI)Hard to believe it’s come to this. Although I actually predicted this possibility myself.  I was not alone it seems. I

School Choice and Jewish Education

 Image from The Center for Education ReformSchool choice is in the news again. In a very positive way, as far as I am concerned. The idea of

How Many Types of Jews Are There?

Images from the YatedRabbi Avrohom Gordimer has an op-ed in the Yated about a new Nishma Research study that gathered statistics about the beliefs

Simcha Isn’t Easy for Everyone

by Mendel Singer - Guest Contributor Purim is certainly a happy chag. Great story of redemption during golus, kids in adorable costumes, festive meal