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Mr. UPS brought 2 big boxes from Madelinetosh. These bright skeins are Unicorn Tails. This is exactly the same yarn as Tosh Merino Light but smaller

Color Affection

I made the executive decision to work at home on Tuesdays. I have been in the store 6 days a week for 2 years straight and need to have a bit of away

Happy Tosh Day

Two large boxes arrived this afternoon full of beautiful Madelinetosh yarns. Lynn threw some Merino Light on the floor for a picture. There are a few


We have new Blocking Wires coming tomorrow. I just checked the FedEx tracking and I think I should say that they are arriving on Monday.What helps

Best Friends

Mr. UPS brought in two huge boxes from Madelinetosh this morning. There are new colours of Wool + Cotton. They will be added to the website


Meet The Frank Shawl - a new pattern from Joji.A very easy and stunning shawl, inspired by the work of artist Frank Stella, this design is a study in