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Claire: my Blue Heron

 This evening we took our family photos.  It was a little weird and sad without Claire.  For some reason, Christian and I have always

Fun Run 2021

 Today Lottie ran in the FUN RUN at school.This is Lottie's third time participating in the school fundraiser Fun Run.I think her school raised

Hygge time

Do you know what time it is?  HYGGE PUDDING TIME!This is a huge deal around our house!This is our favorite winter dessert.I make a batch of it

Autumn Glow

I woke up this morning with Lottie in my bed.She must have had a bad dream or something because when I woke up she was snoozing cuddled in between

All About Topher

 Today while organizing the pantry and other places in the house, the mailman came to my door and dropped off a package.It was from my mom in


This evening Jane, Christian, Ollie, and I took a Barre3 class together.  This only happens on rare occasions and tonight was one.Exercising with

Go Chick!

I got a text today from my niece, Chicky. Her real name is Drew, but we all call her Chicky or Chick.Chick was born when I was in high school and

Treasures and Tuna

 Now that all the boxes are loaded in the house and garage I don't know where to start.So I triaged boxes and rooms and decided that the kitchen


Somehow last night I got talked into letting the Nies stay home from school one more day because we had one more load to make.And it did sound

Moving Day

 Today is MOVING DAY!We all got up (Jane still had to go to work) Christian and the boys went to pick up the moving van and began loading our

Halloween Sunday

After church, and later in the evening, we decided to go for ourusual Sunday drive.This Sunday obviously was different since it was Halloween.We

Halloween 2021

Happy Halloween!!Charlotte:50's rollerskater waitress:Before the church Truck-or-Treat, we went to grab dinnertogether. This year I missed making our

Hilda for Halloween

Instead of dressing up in usual Halloween costumes at Lottie's school, they encouraged all the students to pick and dress up as a favorite book