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More Bright Flowers

 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-25-2023Walmart had more colorful flowers on display this morning. So we got a picture of a couple

Evening Paddle

 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-24-2023The day today was way to HOT in the afternoon. The OFM got a bit overheated while


 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-23-2023YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! The income tax mess is at the preparer's location and supposed

Sea Gull Love

 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-21-2023We arrived at Craigs Auto shop about ten minutes early and the shop was in full tilt. That

New Day/Mail Room

 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-20-2023Terry is the lady in charge of operating the Quiet One RV Park here in Rockport Texas. She

Medical Bills Paid Today

 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-19-2023Let us start the day with a productive effort. It had been the first week of January since


 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasToday Date: 3-18-2023 A mess of a day and a great day depending on which time of the day it was.Today was the

Saltwater Fishing School

 Adventure Location: Rockport, TexasAdventure Date: 3-16-2023 First the medical report. Both of the OFM legs made fantastic recovery progress today.

Healing Day Again

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, TexasAdventure Date: 3-15-2023 With a bum right lower leg and a bum inside of the left foot we declared today a

New Plan Starts Tomorrow

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, TexasAdventure Date: 3-13-2023Another very full day and no real chance to grab a pic or three so tonight you get to

Wild Lights

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, TexasAdventure Date: 3-11-20230100 was about the time the bright flashing multicolor lights into the Castle got the

Major Zoom Picture

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, TexasAdventure Date: 3-10-2023It has been a day of visiting and talking again. But the BIGGEST surprise for the OFM

One Yucca Bloom Is All

 Adventure Location: Del Rio, TexasAdventure Date: 3-9-2023Lots of folks bring lots and lots of things to set up to their campsite. Two hours of

Attack Critters

Adventure Location: Del Rio, TexasAdventure Date: 3-8-2023Once again Rick and the OFM discussed places to go when we leave here. Then we discussed