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The La Plata Mountains! Finally!

Jeff Wagner with the high La Plata mountains behind I have this fellow to thank for FINALLY getting me to one of Colorado's great mountain ranges.

Foxtail Botanic Garden

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of re-visiting the Gardens on Spring Creek, Fort Collin's gem of a botanical garden: there was a lot to see

Carnation phlox: a tale of Whoa!

Phlox caryophylla (Carnation phlox) near Pagosa Springs.    It's similar to a bevy of Compact, pink Western and even Eastern phloxes--certainly

Spring cometh finally!

Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex'A smattering of the plants popping up all around my garden in the last few weeks: hard to keep up with them. I

Steppe spring

Tulipa greigii 4-22-2021I remember flying into Rochester in late March of 1978 and seeing huge mounds of snow everywhere and feeling so sorry for the

Spring snow....and a rant

 Spring snow is no stranger to Colorado: we almost always get snows in March (often our snowiest month: nearly 45" have fallen the last six

Desert caesura

Cactus combo, Tucson Botanic Garden Why a caesura? The internet defines "caesura" thusly: