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Year End 10 +1 Questions

 I had a whole 2022 recap-by-month post typed out but meh, Anxiety At A's blog hop is so much better. Let's go with it :)What is your favorite

Snow Month

 The snow's back! I need to stop saying we hardly ever get snow, because the last couple of years December has been surprisingly snowy. We might

House Updates

The ponies are doing just great, but once again we've had frozen ground followed by snow on the ground, so not much has been happening back in

Spinning My Wheels

 The challenging weather of last week stayed with us until yesterday. A better person with more hours in the day would have shrugged their shoulders

In Transition

My consistent riding schedule took a hit this past week.Last Monday it snowed and the roads between my current house and everywhere else were closed

It's Time! Design Ideas?

 We're getting ready to move into our little house on the property with the horses. Very exciting!Sadly, we've had a bit of a nightmare with tenants

Staying Consistent

 Yet another weekly recap. This week the weather was less than kind (so much rain!)  but we kept on keepin' on, quietly regaining fitness and

Dear Diary

 The week in the life format is working for me at the moment, so I’m continuing it for another weekly recap. I present to you daily status

10+ Questions

 I haven’t seen any of these floating around for a bit and it's that time of the year, so maybe we’re due? 1. What’s your favorite thing

Thoughts for the past week

 Monday - It snowed a little overnight!  Felt like we went from summer to rain to freezing winter in a couple of weeks and a look at the calendar

Insert Title Here

 I've got nothing as far as a title this morning. I hereby present you with a bunch of pictures with captions. It's definitely a more pictures,

Weekend Updates

While I love property and home improvement type stuff, I'm sincerely hoping this will be the last update on that topic for a little while. Time for a

Welcome, Wet Coast Fall

 We had a bit of an endless summer this year, for which I'm very grateful. The unprecedented dry spell until well into last week meant were able to

Slowing Down

Good morning, Sophie!Objectively, quite a bit was accomplished this week, but come Saturday morning I was just feeling like I needed a time out. So,

We Progress

Unfortunately Bridget didn’t accept Sophie back into her life as seamlessly as I’d hoped. She really is that odd pony who prefers to live alone