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Drone Rant – Over Water

I’ve been a drone pilot for some time now. Since my Phantom 3 and now with my Mavic Zoom 2 – which I love it! I have already quite some long

NAT: Innovation Per Watt

2021 was the year where we got the best performance per watt CPU on the market: the apple M1. But it was also the year that Intel got themselves into

NAT: Human Action Cycle

There is a psychological model by which it describes the steps humans take when they interact with computer systems. This model can be used to help

NAT: Competitive Advantage

There are lots of reasons for people and business to choose you, your work, product or services, over other available options and competitors, but

NAT: Zero Trust Security

We all love buzzwords! Especially security folks that for the past decade found ways to bring design and marketing together. Just look at the

Tech Talks London – Season 4

There are some things in life that this pandemic changed, for sure and in a way that we’re still to understand. Tech Talks London is a show that

NAT: No Code, No Worries

No code? No worries! That’s how many of the no-code or even low-code platforms marketing themselves. But the purpose of no-code platforms is to

NAT: Cloud Exit Strategy

We are currently in a world where friends don’t let friends build datacentres, where the cloud needs to be first and where serverless is the new

NAT: Product Roadmaps

Did you know that effective roadmaps can help an organization make deliberate choices about a products’ development? But either you’re writing or

NAT: Product Strategy

What is value? How do we achieve value in a product? These are some of the things people think when they talk about value products. But values are