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Floating Along Lightly

When your hobby is also your job (so lucky!) it does blur the lines between work and rest. It’s healthy to mark boundaries from time to time.

Kismet Patchwork Curtains

Last week’s splendid pile of Kismet fabrics has been transformed into boho style patchwork curtains. I couldn’t be happier with the way it

Birch Leaves Lichen Duster

Each time I sew a garment I gain a little more appreciation for clothing. It’s such an everyday thing, pulling on jeans or slipping into a coat,

Kismet has my Heart

Sometimes fabric is love at first sight. That’s how it was for me with Kismet, an Art Gallery Fabrics collection by Sharon Holland. This

Lichen Duster in Progress

Guess what? Now that the pattern pieces are all cut, sewing this Lichen Duster project is going faster than I expected. It’s a lot of long seams,