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Signs of Hope and Faith

This past Christmas season and on this new year, still in the midst of the pandemic, largely isolated and watching the steady and inexorable

Narrative, Part I

May 31 2021We live in a world of narrative. Ultimately, all words used in the service of narrative of one kind or another, and its influence on

Morning Prayer

Sunrise, Hudson River, May 21 2021As seen from the picnic grounds, Tallman State ParkMay 21.This May, I’ve taken to writing prayers first thing in

In the midst of grass

Detail from The Nativity, by Jacques Daret, about 1468The Prado, MadridMen and women are born from a deep need of the earth to care for itself in new

Love and Being

  Nativity- Bartolo di Fredi, 1374Metropolitan Museum of Art, New YorkMay 17 I often say that life flows into us.This can be understand

Love and decency, Part II

My friend Chris Wertenbacker, author of the book “The Enneagram of G. I. Gurdjieff,” remarks that Sigmund Freud maintained the ego is primarily a

Love and Decency, part I

 Piermont Pier, December 2021It would be best if we could clearly see where we are and what we are doing, but it turns out this is quite


  Our role in terms of maintenance is to act within the context of the electromagnetism, the gravity, and the chemistry of this planet.It’s only

Gravitas, Part II

Sunbow, SparkillMay 2021Magnetism and Gravity lead us into a discussion of the nature of Being and the idea that we “concentrate” attention and

Gravitas, Part I

  This forthcoming group of essays is presented as an expansion of the questions raised by my observations in The Quantum State of Being.All inner

What it costs

  Peregrine falcon breakfast leftovers,Piermont pier.April 23Some notes on real feelingUntil one has an experience of real feeling, the