Tea in the Moment – Loose Leaf Cacao Tea

Tea in the Moment - Loose Leaf Cacao TeaTea in the Moment was created when its founder was on the hunt for a chocolate tea that was uncomplicated with simple ingredients and no excess sugar or caffeine. Tea in the Moment was designed to deliver a sugar-free, caffeine-free alternative to traditional hot drinks.

The base of the Tea in the Moment recipes is a blend of cacao beans blended with natural organic ingredients. Cacao husks have been used to brew cacao tea for thousands of years. When brewed as a loose-leaf style tea, cacao shells have a subtle taste reminiscent of dark chocolate. While Tea in the Moment teas are 99.5% caffeine-free, cacao shells contain Theobromine, a natural “feel-good” stimulant.

Tea in the Moment comes in seven flavors–Rose Cacao, Original Cacao, Coconut Cacao, Mint Cacao, Orange Cacao, Chai Lavender Cacao. Each is sold in an attractive white box containing 50g of loose leaf tea.

Rose Cacao

Rose Cacao starts with a strong rose aroma that slightly overpowers the scent of cacao. We loved the combination of the light floral notes combined with the more earthy flavors of the cacao. The balance of cacao shells to rose petals in this blend is perfectly balanced.

Original Cacao

Original Cacao has the intense aroma and flavors of chocolate and cacao. If you’re not accustomed to those rich flavors, it can take a little getting used to. The sweet and unique tea would appeal to dark chocolate lovers.

Coconut Cacao

Coconut Cacao brings in a powerful hit of coconut. This blend is sweet and rich – probably the sweetest of the flavors we sampled. The rich and creamy coconut balances out the cacao’s bitter notes in another nicely balanced combination of flavors.

Mint Cacao

The scent of Mint Cacao reminded us a lot of After Eight mint chocolate. For anyone who enjoys the combination of mint and chocolate, this blend artfully brings together the zesty, refreshing essence of peppermint with the rich chocolatey flavors of cacao.

Summary: Tea in the Moment loose leaf cacao teas combine the chocolatey taste of cacao with the soothing experience of drinking tea. The result is a dessert-like beverage without sugar. We could see adding Tea in The Moment to many moments throughout the day for an enjoyable treat that delivers a boost without the calories or caffeine crash.

For more information visit Tea in the Moment’s website.

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Tea in the Moment – Loose Leaf Cacao Tea