Telling The Team Story By Using The Four “P’s”

This week our class served as a good reminder for what communicative storytelling for a team was all about, and how it has evolved over the years.

The team PR person serves many masters, all of whom want control of two key areas…




Balancing access with information so that the message reaches the amplifiers…those in all forms of media who have a large megaphone…without overtaxing the talent is a challenge, but the challenge is overcome by finding “Trust” on both sides of a difficult relationship…

The Balance, The Problem Solving Is Not Easy…

The job involves balancing both, building consensus and finding the best path to all forms of storytelling, most of which has zero to do with team performance, and has everything to do with proactivity. Without that path to storytelling success:

Fans Are Not Engaged

Brands Can’t Justify ROI

Results Get Lost…

Business Fails…

Now with all that in mind, it always comes down to building consensus and keeping all informed, even those with differing agendas.

Athletes Have Their Peeps

Sales People “Always Need”

Coaches Protect

Agents Want $$ For Everything

Media Are Territorial

Fans See Only Themselves

Result: It’s Hard For Those In The Limelight, Or The Front Lines, To “Win”…

In the end, we came up with four critical “P’s” for success on the team side:




and Painless (As Possible)

Keeping those in mind and on hand as you go through the storytelling process, and balancing yourself on the tightrope of access and availability, can help keep one out of the abyss…and enjoying the ride.


Telling The Team Story By Using The Four “P’s”