Terrain Bits and Tokens.

 Just a few little things rolling off the workbench... 

I finished up four little wall bits and three clue/treasure tokens. 

The Wall bitz arrived this summer with the Reaper Bones V Kickstarter stuff. I also got Walls of thorn, but they're tricker to assemble (and PAINT!), so, it might be some time before I get to those... probably when I actually have someone who NEEDS them. 

One of the Tokens (the book) I actually just rebased. The other two are newly painted, tho. Teh Book and Backpack came from the Dwarf Gold Fever kickstarter by Lead Adventure Miniatures. The little imp sitting on the skull (facing away!? I guess its's shy!) - I think - came from a Reaper Miniatures set of metal familiars. 

while I was at it... I took a few more pictures of things on the workbench.... 

Dwarves I'm working on - also from Dwarf Gold Fever kickstarter by Lead Adventure Miniatures - they will form the hired soldiers part of a Thaumaturge's warband in Frostgrave. 

I did manage to track down some more Space Marine Scouts for my Imperial Fists Space Marine Scout Kill Team. I picked them up off ebay and they were previously painted. So, Ive had to strip these (and the two other snipers that came with the unit) and have based and primed and started painting these three... 

There are a few other things starting to creep back onto the workbench that I really need to CLEAR OFF so I can FOCUS and get things done... but I've run out of the little storage boxes Im using to hold "ON DECK" or upcoming projects in the queue.  

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Terrain Bits and Tokens.