The Best Touch-Free Sex Toys In Australia

The chances are you already own a sex toy – a trusty favourite that works for you, whether it’s a wand, a bells-and-whistles rabbit or a buzzing bullet vibe. And while some lucky women orgasm through penetration, for most it’s the clitoris that holds the key to orgasmic bliss. So do you own a hands free sex toy yet?

There are clitoral vibrators of all styles, shapes and sizes available, with most designed to propel you to ecstasy through direct, often intense stimulation. But the latest trend in sex toys offers a totally different sensation for that ultra-sensitive bundle of nerve endings.

Look, no hands!

Toys like the Womanizer W500, Satisfyer Pro2 and Fifty Shades Freed Sweet Release Stimulator are designed to deliver a non-numbing variant on vibrations, stimulating the clitoris without direct touch.

With a hollow silicone tip that envelops your exposed clitoris, suction toys deliver undulating waves of suction, using air flow and air pressure to delicately draw blood to the area. The result is a super-pleasurable pulling sensation that feels similar to oral sex – as if someone was gently sucking your clitoris.

To add to their pleasure potential, suction toys let you explore escalating levels of intensity, while some also offer different pulses and patterns to help trigger powerful climaxes. They’re also USB rechargeable, which means they’re great for on-the-go thrills and travel-friendly too.

Love nipple stimulation? You can also use your suction toy on your nipples to increase sensitivity, and to explore a whole new level of heightened pleasure. Plus, suction toys feel great on the frenulum, the sensitive underside of the penis. Sharing is caring!

Our hands free sex toy favourites

So, which toy should you go for?

You only have to read the rave reviews to understand why the Womanizer W500 ($299.95) has such a cult following. Designed to boost a woman’s chances of experiencing multiple orgasms, this sleek toy’s fluttering suction style gently cups your clitoris, coaxing you to a mind-blowing climax (or three).

Then there’s the less pricey Satisfyer Pro2 ($86.95), a smaller, streamlined take on the suction stimulator with a slim, ergonomic handle, that engulfs your clitoris and nuzzles you to orgasm with 11 powerful levels of intensity. It’s also completely waterproof, so you can splash about with it in the bath or shower.

Those that love knee-trembling vibrations will be excited to hear that there’s a suction toy as part of the luxurious Fifty Shades Freed collection, in collaboration with E L James. The Sweet Release Clitoral Suction Stimulator ($132.90) combines advanced air flow technology, suction patterns and strong vibrations, for ultra-satisfying, customisable pleasure.

You can find plenty more clitoral-vibrator options here. Have fun!

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The Best Touch-Free Sex Toys In Australia