The Heat is On and So is the A/C

The Ridge

On Wednesday, June 15th Bill was up with Gibbs at 6:15 and I got up with him later minutes before 7. I wasted no time and while I knew Bill didn’t have to leave until 7:45 for work, I left right away. The Mat was empty but there was evidence of some vagrants again. Darn, I’d hoped that had stopped. Silly me.

When I came back from town
this morning, this sky to the north was wild!

I was preparing for a storm when it
just moved off to the east as if it was never there

There were clothes on the floor, two washers filled with dry clothing and an empty ‘purse’ in a dryer. Graffiti in the form of “I’ll be back soon” was written in permanent marker on the table for folding. I had nothing to remove it but rubbing alcohol at least diffused it a bit. The Lost & Found box is almost full again. 😌 I did my cleaning, loaded some of the small pieces of wood in the storage room in Ptooties and drove home.

It still makes for good pictures

When I returned home, Gibbs played around while I turned the pump on and watered my plants. I praise Bill every time I turn it on , we’ve wanted this for a long time. 

The garden is in bloom

With that done, I found myself pulling weeds out of the flower garden. It’s a full-time job but I got a lot pulled before I saw Gibbs playing with a painted turtle. Oh, my goodness! He’s sniffed at them before but this time he was pawing at it and flipped it over. He wanted to play with it!

These pretty little plants, I can never remember
the name of

Lady's Mantle

I carried Mrs. Yertle down to the edge of the lane, facing the pond and Gibbs got put on his leash near the Bunky. I finished the puzzle, there was a nice breeze in there. At 12 noon, we came inside and sat together for half hour. I had to leave at 12:30 to take Ptooties for her oil change. I arrived at Grey Bruce Fleet a few minutes early so chatted with Kate in the air-conditioned waiting room.

This is when they start drooping so
I cut 3 off for a vase (in this case a pail)

She has their two dogs with her and one, in particular, just wanted to be near someone. Timber sat with me for most of the hour. Look at those eyes! Things were okay with the Rav, just wipers needing replacing (which Bill can do) and a heads up for tires in the spring. We ask for a check up while she is in the shop. 😊  On my way through Durham, I stopped at FS Co-op.

Ptooties waits outside

Since my spinach and Swiss chard is not growing, I wanted to see what vegetables they had already started and if there was anything I’d be interested in. The only thing I found was eggplant. Since I love eggplant and read that one of my fellow bloggers is growing it, I thought it was worth a shot. I also found a potted ‘bush’ plant that flowers between August to October and is good for full sun. It was $16 so very reasonable.

Timber is one of the greeters
and when her Mom allows,
she stays in the front lobby

After sitting in the a/c room at the shop and in the Rav, I closed things up and turned our a/c on in the Suite. Aaah, that’s better. It was just too hot to be sitting outside, even in the Bunky. The thermometer was reading 19C/66F this morning so already warm but at 2 pm, it was 29C/84F and higher with the humidity looming. We didn’t get the storms or the rain that was forecast overnight so that is why I had to water the gardens.

Look at those eyes 💗

For supper, I had liver, bacon and onions and Bill had leftover ghoulash. We had corn on the cob and the last 4 biscuits from the other night. No dessert required but we did have a few slices of pineapple. 😊 Bill went to the Hangar after dishes and he’d made his lunch of egg salad, which I made today for him. I wanted a few boiled eggs for my lunches too so it made sense.


I worked on my blog and did nothing for the remainder of the evening aside from watching some tv. This was a good day with just a few obligations. Maybe tomorrow after work I will find a place to plant some mint and my new bush.

The liver, onions and bacon look over done
but because it was so thick, it was perfect!
It was too much so I saved half for lunch tomorrow
or Friday.
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.

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The Heat is On and So is the A/C