The People Chose Birds

This SAL is all about what you want to see on the blog. Each month I ask for suggestions for themes and then put them up to the members of the IHSW Group on FB to vote for their choice. This is what they have chosen:

February - Birds
March - Spring
April - Blue

Birds of all shapes, sizes and colours are a really popular motif for stitching.  Even if you have never stitched an actual "Design of a Bird" the chances are there will be birds somewhere in your sampler stitching, your seasonal stitching, your ornaments etc.

They feature in Spring designs - bluebirds and Easter chicks, Summer designs - seagulls, Halloween designs - ravens and owls, Christmas designs - cardinals and robins.  

Satsuma Street - Nest Egg

Madame Chantilly - On the Beach

Just Nan - Crowjackers

Blue Ribbon Designs - Woodsy Winter

And in my current obsession - 12 Days of Christmas designs!

Fun fact - if the design features all the numbered birds you will stitch 23 individual birds in the series.

JBW, Just Nan and Plum Street Samplers

This is probably the largest and least enjoyable bird I have ever stitched!  It was a commission for a friend, charted on a computer.  I did get paid for doing it but by the end I was combining symbols all over the place, the computer chose such similar shades that really were not necessary.

This is a smaller, more fun one I sort of designed myself:

Anna, the Stitch Bitch, challenged us to stitch the design on the right which is a freebie from Plum Street.  I wanted to add something so the design was true to me and chose the tattoo style bird and dagger on the left.  Then I made it into a pillow and sent it to Anna because I knew she would appreciate it.

I could go on for several more photos, there are just so many to choose from!   But now it's over to you.  All you have to do is make a post on the theme of Birds, mention The People's Choice SAL (you can copy the picture I used at the top of this post and in my side bar) and my blog.  Please link up using the URL of the actual blog post, not the home page of your blog.  I look forward to seeing what you all post.



Finally, I need your suggestions for the next poll.  Any thing, no matter how obscure, weird or random will go into the poll.  Keep the theme suggestions to a single word or two - so you could have Cats, or Green, or Holidays, or Warmth etc.  Really anything which could be illustrated in cross stitch.

The People Chose Birds