The Psychic Power of Hair

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Dear Cosmic Community,

Each one of us has a very distinct relationship to hair. You may either love your hair, loathe it, be indifferent to it or have never thought too much about its function, outside of being something that naturally grows from your body, serving as a mark of your personal identity. Yet, hair is so much more than we give it credit for.

In particular, in today’s ALL-NEW blog post, let’s dive in deep and explore the esoteric aspect of hair. We’ll look at the psychic powers that hair carries and generates, as you learn that no matter if you have long hair, short hair, curly hair, straight hair or no hair, that the source of your hair is where it all stems from: and that source is the same for us all.

What is hair? What are goosebumps?
Let’s begin by looking at what hair is. Hair originates deep beneath your skin with a hair follicle (skin indentation) having its own nerve, blood and muscle supply. At the base of each follicle is the dermis (the deepest layer of skin) which is a bulb where growth stems from. It’s the nerves and muscles around the bulb that generate the sensation of ‘goose bumps’ when it’s cold or when you’re energetically and ‘psychically’ alerted to an important message. It’s that feeling of tingles down your spine!

Each hair is made up of several different layers. Active cells divide and extend upwards from the bulb in a cylindrical shape, gradually hardening and forming 6 layers along the hair shaft. These layers are responsible for the strength, colour and structure of your hair. It’s the protein ‘keratin’ that forms in the hair shaft and is responsible for the flexibility and condition of your hair. Six is the universal numerical frequency of femininity, harmony, balance and cohesive rhythm. It’s these very energies that each hair follicle emits, helping you to communicate with the higher dimensions of light and sound in an optimal and fluid way.

Your Hair Follicles at Birth
You’re born with millions of hair follicles all over your body. And the number of follicles that you’re born with will be the only number of hair follicles that you’ll ever have. You’re born with all you need, the exact number of follicles for your optimum communication to be carried forth from within (from soul) to the outer cosmic wavelengths of the universe and vice versa.

Lose Your Hair?
Even if you lose your hair through a medical condition, stress or a procedure to treat a bodily imbalance causing your hair to fall out, it’s very rare to actually lose your follicles. They may lay dormant and become inactive for a time, but dependent upon your particular condition and circumstances, the life force can and will regenerate through them.

Creativity stimulates growth

Immersing in creativity and applying your intuition and imagination ‘daily’ stimulates the life force within you and therefore, can stimulate the growth of hair. Creative people tend to have prolific hair growth and active follicles. Your diet also plays a major role in the health of your hair. Plant based proteins are in synergy with the keratin in your hair and will serve to keep your energy levels light and in high vibration, which means that also you’ll feel good and be in the cosmic flow. All of which generate charge of the positive wavelength, which serves to stimulate healthy follicles.

The Scalp - Your Psychic Hub

It’s on your head (the scalp and the face) that the greatest concentration of hair follicles can be found. From an esoteric perspective this makes great sense, as this is where your pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus combine their energetic force to form your inner ‘all-seeing’ third eye (the eye of Horus and Ra), your psychic hub of inter stellar communication.

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Your Psychic Radar - An Extension of You - Your Life Force
Consider that hair is an extension of your life force and it’s a particularly potent extension, given that your hair follicles extend down into the deeper layers of your skin, where the electrical frequency within your cells is at its most concentrated. This means that your hair becomes a conductor for invisible communication between your spiritual being and the world of matter and form, that being the physical.

The Body is Electric (Bio-Electric)
Unlike electron based electricity that lights up our world, which consists of negatively charged particles flowing in a current, your body runs on bio-electricity which consists of positively charged ions of elements including calcium, sodium and potassium.

It’s the bio-electrical current in your body that conducts the invisible messages exchanged between your brain, heart, nervous system and every organ, right down to the cellular level, allowing you to think, act, move, respond and feel. It’s the energy super-highway in your body and it’s also connected to your hair follicles. Via our electrical charge, energy is transported into the cells and therefore, increasing the charge in our bodies can affect the greater healing and health of our bodies.

Your field of influence - How MAGNETIC are you?
The body takes in negatively charged ions from the atmosphere through every inhalation, via the respiratory cycle. This stimulates the positively charged ions already in your body and an electrical charge vitalises your entire filed. Coupled with the vital life force of the soul (spiritual energy) your auric field is produced and your field of influence is determined. The stronger your charge, the stronger your energy field and the greater your influence extends to the world all around you. This is why being at the ocean, near salt water (which gives off negative ions) feels so refreshing, neutralising and calming to us. Salt lamps, salt rooms and salt caves serve the same purpose.

Stimulating Bio-electrical Charge for Body Healing
You can stimulate and increase your bio-electrical charge when you channel cosmic energy consciously. Drawing energy in through your crown and through your hands of light directs cosmic charge into the cells. Likewise, the same occurs through your breath. It’s the bio-electrical system of your body that conducts your life force and animates you! Breathe in and out deeply and with purpose.

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Hair as an ‘Antenna’ - Your Communication Tool
Given our electrical superhighway of energy messaging and transference, every follicle in your body is a receiver and transmitter of life force energy. And the hair which grows through each follicle can be seen as an ‘antenna’ tuning you into the multiple invisible layers of dimensional frequencies that permeate our universe. As an antenna, your hair and your hair follicles pick up on messages and information that’s flowing through the psychic, energetic airwaves which permeate Earth and you!

Your hair - Sending and Receiving Telepathic Messages
Your hair literally ‘automatically’ tunes into the subtle frequencies and higher vibrations of light and sound that most people overlook each day, increasing your extra sensory perception and harnessing your power to send and receive telepathic messages with others.

Are the myths about LONG HAIR true? Does having long hair increase your psychic power?
Your hair is an extension of your energy field, and given the longer that your hair becomes and the better the condition that it’s in, the stronger and more far-reaching the electrical current that vitalises the body also becomes.

The Yogis of India know this and grow their hair long on their head (and face) to direct greater electrical current through the brain, stimulating their third eye and ability to transmit and receive ‘prana’ (life force energy) creating a strong connection with the divine.

I have found that the longer your hair becomes, the potentially more sensitive you can also become to subtle energy changes in the cosmic atmosphere surrounding us.

As a practicing psychic myself, I ‘feel’ more like my ‘natural self’ and therefore, ‘in my power’ the longer my hair is. In fact, I was born with long hair and had to have my first hair cut at birth! I can always remember my mother proudly telling me how amazed the nurses were with my long black silky hair. They’d never seen anything like it before. I still have the locks from my first hair cut. I treasure them.

Follicles are Transmission Tubes
I also have a huge number of follicles on my head (with lots of hair, whether long or short). Remember, that it’s the follicles which matter the most (rather than the length of your hair) as they are openings and transmission tubes for electrical charge and the sending and receiving of psychic energy.

Long Hair and Telepathic Messages and Readings
Consider that long hair can energetically reach in and pin-point the subtle telepathic messages that are transmitted from soul to soul. These messages are then transported back into your subtle energy system, relaying guidance and messages when you’re reading other people and situations. These messages give you valuable insider information.

Keep your Long (or shorter) Hair ‘Physically’ and Energetically Clean
It can feel ‘energetically heavy’ to have long hair, when you’re constantly picking up on psychic electrical wavelengths and messages from others and the cosmos all around you. You can feel weighed down with the worries of the world, unless you’re aware of what’s happening on the subtle planes with your long hair.

This is why I recommend that you wash and groom your hair regularly, particularly after any intensive cosmic energy shifts. I advise our community of the light all about the upcoming daily cosmic energy shifts and how they influence your life (7-days in advance) in The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast and Life Guide

Energetically Cleansing Your Hair - Keep Yourself Psychically Clean and Clear
You can also energetically cleanse your hair after and prior to any cosmic energy shift. Just rub your palms swiftly together to stimulate your electrical charge and then run your hands through your energy field, particularly over the head and hair. Hold the intention to clear your field of any discordant excess psychic charge that you’ve picked up from others, situations and the world around you.

This simple daily practice prevents you from absorbing and taking on everyone else’s energy into your energy field. It can help to keep you clean and in your power.

I’ve cut my hair short before and while feeling liberated at first (letting go of all that psychic energy transmission ability) it also didn’t feel right for me. I feel more myself and more able to be myself and do my work as a psychic and energy healer, the longer my hair is.

Hair length is a personal preference. Honour your feelings and learn to work with what your have! Make the most of the personal situation with your hair.

We intuitively know what length our hair should be, what style, what colour etc. And that can change over time, as you grow and mature as a human experiencing physicality through the light of your soul.

If you have NO HAIR, SHORT hair, your hair is thinning or you wear hair EXTENSIONS. Does this decrease your psychic powers?
In short, NO. Your psychic powers DO NOT decrease the shorter your hair is.

Remember, that it’s all about the follicles. Even if you’re bald, your follicles are still transmitting and receiving an electrical, psychic charge and you’re still effectively, ‘subtly’ communicating with the collective energy field all around you.

The more follicles that you have, the greater your potential for psychic transmissions.

Shorter Hair - Staying Energetically Clean
Indeed, many professional psychics and everyday people love to keep their hair short, for longer hair does tend to hold o to energy and therefore, it can be harder to clear. Short hair can keep you energetically cleaner. As I said above, longer hair can weigh you down and confuse your own psychic senses, if you’re unaware of how to energetically cleanse your hair and body each day.

Cutting your hair regularly keeps it energetically clean. I recommend that you cut your hair regularly if you’re not able (or adept) at keeping your longer hair energetically clean on a daily basis. When you cut your hair, you let go of all the past experiences that you’ve filtered down through your hair, which is why so many people feel like they need to cut their hair after major life transitions, i.e the ending of a relationship. Cutting the hair and old stored energy gives them a new lease on life! A fresh start and a new beginning.

Hair Extensions
Hair extensions are interesting in that you’re introducing either synthetic or (someone else’s) hair into partnership with your own on a semi-permanent or permanent basis. For some people it can help them ‘to feel’ more connected with their psychic powers. Perhaps you’ve always envisaged yourself with longer hair (the imagination creates our reality) and with the extensions, you now get to realise your visions. This could actually increase your psychic power!

Cleanse Your Human Hair Extensions - before application
I will say this, it’s vital that human hair extensions are energetically cleaned before being attached to the hair on your head. Even if your hairdresser doesn’t know how to do this, ask to hold the extensions yourself and do the energy clearing technique that I’ve mentioned in the section above about ‘long hair’. If you’ve already had your human hair extensions attached, energetically clean them now using this same technique See what a difference it makes to your transmission of psychic messages!

Some people may also feel that having extensions hampers their natural psychic flow and ability to receive and transit messages via the third eyes. it’s purely a personal preference. You go with what feels right for you. ALWAYS FOLLOW THAT RULE. Respect how you feel about your hair and RESPECT how others choose to wear their hair too!

Wigs and Hair Pieces
Wigs and hair pieces are similar to hair extensions in that you’re working with either synthetic or human hair from another source. Everything that I’ve said about hair extensions also applies here. Wearing a wig or hair piece can shift your entire energy field, particularly if you love your new appearance and that increases your psychic strengths.

The ancients associations with hair and our psychic powers
Throughout antiquity, right up to the current day, hair has been seen as such a unique identifier and signature of our energy presence. The Ancient Egyptians would shave their heads and bodies to keep their energy flow clean and alert.

They would also wear braided wigs or BRAIDED THEIR HAIR (similar to dreadlocks or knotted hair) being worn by nearly every ancient culture, including The Sumerians, Greeks, Minoans, Hindus, Rastafarians, Elamites (Africans), The Aztecs, Europeans etc.

Braiding the hair BINDS and CONCENTRATES the energy flow and therefore keeps the psychic messages locked into the field of the wearer. Ancient cultures saw this as a way to increase their energetic power and influence.

The indigenous nations of The Americas, are well known for wearing their hair long, either braided or flowing. Long hair serves as a ‘symbol’ of their power and strength, which on a deeper level equates to their psychic connection with the divinity of their lineage. Long hair serves as their connection to nature and the stars, grounding them and infusing them with life force energy. It also represents a freedom of spirit, flowing and at one with the divine.

The wise ones, psychics, seers, witches, and magi often wore (and wear) their hair long, utilising it as their sacred connection with the divine, elongating and promoting their powers in what has always been a disconnected 3D world.

Even to this day a wise one will ensure that no one has access to their hair, keeping their own hair when cut or having fallen out through daily attrition, burying it in the ground so, that no one else finds it and so that they’re psychic powers encoded in their hair, do not fall into the hands of any untoward sources. Fascinating, isn’t it!

I trust that this blog post has answered many questions for you and has stimulated your desire to know more about hair and its subtle psychic connections. No matter what your relationship to hair is, it is a stimulating subject and one that I encourage you to delve into more deeply, as you use your own experiences to guide and inspire you towards your connection with the divine ♡

I’d love to hear your personal stories about hair and your psychic experiences. Please be kind to one another when leaving a comment, as hair can be such a ‘touchy - electrically charged’ subject. Thank you ♡

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The Psychic Power of Hair