The Reckoning War, She-Hulk, The Multiverse and More!

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  Every week ( sometime twice a week if the modifications hold up ) I bring you this list- ferrying you across a sea of drek and yellowing, molten mylar! Here we credits sources, acknowledges spec cred and dip your sponge in unfiltered, unrepentant, unbridled speculation!



The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

First appearances?

Honestly I loved this show and learning more about how it was made made me like it even more.  But that remake looks like trash.  No matter, here is what I think is the comic first and no, I did not discover this but I forget who did.  Maybe some IG hack can take credit but before he/she does remember this, I don’t care at all. We shouldn’t remake gems.

Far as covers go this is a favorite and it’s tough to find in the states! Gimmie that free door hanger!



She-Hulk 7

First appearance of Reckoning War

With Reckoning War going on now,  here are all the books no one is talking about.

She-Hulk really fkd up all the way back in issue 3 of Dan Slott’s series.  The Slott has been setting up this story for a long time and now it is all paying off.

The first appearance is technically in this issue where Jen’s judgement inadvertently causes the eventual destruction of Earth. We get a glimpse of Earth’s dire future and the Reckoning War is named.




She-Hulk 7

First appearance of the Watcher Qyre

Next up is the first appearance of this Watcher,  who’s ability to watch was snuffed out by She-Hulk, setting up the staging ground for the antagonist appearing now in FF.


She-Hulk 20

First appearance of  who the hell is that at the end?! First appearance of the Recluses.

This book is undervalued right now.  Not only do we get the first appearance of what appears to be the eventual villain from Reckoning War, we are also treated to some other firsts. And hey is that She-Hulk reading about some ducks?



Fantastic Four 2

First appearance of Griever



Fantastic Four 28

First appearance of Rapture


End of Reckoning War Spec….



Sensational She-Hulk 14

First meeting between She-Hulk and Howard the Duck?!

OK I kinda dislike first meets unless they are super important.  Now that we know the duck is going to appear in She-Hulk there is an additional reason to love one of my favorite ghosts, the cover wrap for Brian Bolland’s She-Hulk 14.  If you don’t know the story behind that I suggest getting on your machine and flexing those search fingers. It’s an interesting bit of Marvel history. Howard makes his triumphant return to comics here.

There is also a rare poster

and he technically appears at the end of 13!





Fallout: All Roads HC

First comic appearance

REPEATER ALERT! With Walton Goggins casting it is time to revisit this forgot first.


Man-Thing 19

First appearance of the Congress of Realities ( mentioned )

I wonder if there is an villain in the MCU with the idea to merge all universalism realities besides Kevin Feige?



Man-Thing 1

First Congress of Realities


Man-Thing 11

First Thog

I am just covering all my multiversal bases.



Quasar 50

First appearance of Congress of Realities in Interzone

Not only is this an important issue but Ren and Stimpy, Starro and Spawn appear!




Ever After 2

First appearance of Tom Swift in comics

This one could easily be wrong on my part.  I am surprised there is no earlier appearance so if you have one mention it in the comments and you will get one spec cred point to be used in  CBSI’s spec store popping up sometime between now and the actual Reckoning War.

Tom Swift is getting a CW show. Yay. If you don’t remember who he is congrats, you are not  ancient.



Here’s al the other crap I am hunting for this week. True Firsts may or may not appear.

The Wonder Twins are hot this week.  There aren’t a ton of comic appearances or covers but this one is worth a look. They appear on the cover of the final issue to this cancelled series. The print run is probably low.




Here’s what is probably the first foreign first for Wonder Twins.



Homen Aranha 62

If it’s McFarlane I need it.


Here’s a dump of covers I dig this week…

Robert E Howard’s Lord of the Dead

This a horror rarity that is a tough get in NM.



All About Collecting Comics Books

She-Hulk bikini cover ftw.





Night Walker 3



Gen13 Bikini Pin-Up Special

This is yet another Chiodo cover I love.



Venom 22

Still no one is talking about this negative space, JTC cover. That is sad.



Caliban 1B

This series has a ton of great covers including this one by Facundo Percio.




Warp Graphics annual 1

This one has some of my favorite characters all on one cover ( Captain Obese baby! ). Considering the Panda Khan appearance it is also undervalued.



Legion of Super-Heroes 38

The End.


See ya next time!


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The Reckoning War, She-Hulk, The Multiverse and More!