The Salehe Bembury x NB Train Isn’t Slowing Down

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I honestly cannot figure out how Salehe Bembury has time to do anything other than work.

If he’s not busy designing another round of Pollex Clogs for Crocs or creating dope sneakers with Brandblack, he’s dropping more of those whistling New Balance 574s or hanging out with Donatella Versace in Milan. The guy should really come up for air, you know.

That being said, his latest collaboration with NB may just be his best yet (so maybe he can keeping holding his breath for now).

Taking to a balcony in the midst of Paris Fashion Week, Bembury has revealed a pink and purple iteration of the Boston sneaker brand’s famed 990v2 silhouette.

Following earlier takes of the 2002R and the ever-popular 574 – as well as a Test Run Project 3.0 collab – the designer has turned his attention to arguably NB’s most iconic shoe.

Bembury – who was previously the VP of sneakers and men’s footwear at Versace – is clearly a fan of the brand, having also dropped a collection of apparel alongside NB last year as a part of his “Universal Communication” YURT project.

All this in less than two years is impressive, not least with Bembury’s Crocs collaborations being dished out at similar speed, alongside a myriad of other collaborative projects.

While no further information has been announced from either Bembury or NB on this 990v2, if previous teases are anything to go by, we shouldn’t be waiting too long for more details.

Maybe when these finally do land and the last of his Pollex Clogs have been copped and resold, Bembury can then sit down and take a well-deserved rest.


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The Salehe Bembury x NB Train Isn’t Slowing Down