THE SPIRITUAL COMING OF AGE, Soul's Best Years Are From 50-100

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Dear Cosmic Community,
If you’re reading this now, I imagine that it’s because you’re in the age group of 50 to 100, or perhaps, you’re about to be. And if so, I’m glad that we’ve found each other, for what I’m poised to share with you and what you’ll soon discover, can literally change the course of your life.

Are you feeling that your best years are behind you, or that you’ve missed out on opportunities that you would have taken up sooner - if only you’d known then, what you know now? Perhaps, you’re looking for answers and inspiration about the beauty and positives of maturing, rather than the doubts and the negatives?
If so, we’re acutely aligned.

Join with me, as together we journey deep into the heart of ‘soul maturity’. For soul’s ‘best years’ on this planet arise at your ‘spiritual coming of age’. And that’s not the age of 21, but something altogether more exciting, enjoyable and well worth waiting for…

Your infinite soul
Let’s begin by recognising your one true reality. And that’s your spiritual reality (soul - the realm of one consciousness) and the infinite being of light that you are. Each one of us is a soul, an individualised expression of the one. It’s soul that creates your human life, your human body and your human experiences. This should be the first thing that we’re taught to remember about ourselves when we arrive on Earth. Why it’s not, is due to the disconnectedness of modern society. We’ve been disconnected from who we truly are. But, that’s rapidly changing.

It’s 100% normal and natural
to recognise that you’re a soul experiencing physical life, through the vehicle of your human body. Recognising this allows you to create freely and vividly. Indeed, having this higher knowing and living this understanding is a prerequisite to embracing the concept of ‘soul maturity’.

The physical body
Your physical body is created from the blueprint of your spiritual body. You decided what your physical body would look like and how it would perform, before you ever incarnated into this human life. You created a spiritual blueprint, the plans from which your physical body took shape. Indeed, you chose your parents too, knowing that their physical characteristics would be reflected in your body.

Thus, each one of looks different ‘physically’ and yet we’re all created from the one consciousness, individualised as a soul. It’s important to take full responsibility for your body, especially for its functioning. For your physical body needs to see you through decades of human exertion, wear and tear.

And the major reason for why it’s important to continually look after your physical body, through a healthy diet, exercise, mental/emotional states and lifestyle choices, is that while your physical body may seem to peak in your 20’s, your soul maturity doesn’t actually begin to peak until after the age of 50. So, your physical body needs to stay strong and vibrant in order to support your soul’s continued growth.

The major chakras - major energy points
Within your physical body and right throughout your energetic field, there are points at which energy streams of light join and converge. You can call these streams, energy vortexes or chakras ( an Ancient Vedic term). There’s common agreeance that there are 7 major chakras within your body, with literally hundreds of smaller vortex points emanating throughout your energetic being. These 7 major energy points centre around the glandular system of the body, responsible for the flowing distribution of life force.

There’s the root or base chakra (the adrenals), the sacral (the gonads/the ovaries), the solar plexus (the pancreas, the spleen), the heart (the thymus), the throat (the thyroid), the third eye (the pituitary gland) and the crown (the pineal gland).

Each major chakra develops over a period of 7 years
From the base centre upwards, each of these major energy centres develops over a period of approximately 7 human years.

From 0 - 7, you’re developing your base chakra, which is concerned with your physical survival, groundedness and a sense of community and belonging.

From 7 - 14, you’re developing your sacral chakra, which is concerned with relationships and expressing your deepest emotions.

From 14 - 21, you’re developing your solar plexus chakra, which is concerned with personal identity and being at ease with your place in the world.

From 21 - 28, you’re developing your heart chakra, this is when love/romantic relationships often develop, teaching you the first hand expression of conditional or unconditional love.

From 28 - 35, you’re developing your throat chakra (poignantly occurring around the time of your first Saturn Return) which is concerned with finding your voice and speaking your truth. This is a core age group for spiritual awakening.

From 35 - 42, you’re developing your third eye chakra, which is concerned with insight, vision and trusting in your psychic abilities.

From 42 - 49, you’re developing your crown chakra, which is the inflow of higher awareness and a connection with soul and every other major energy centre.

All going well, the 7 major chakras develop in this order, slowly - over this time frame. But, depending upon a multitude of life circumstances and experiences, the order and indeed, time frame can and will differ from individual to individual. Some people never move beyond developing their solar plexus centre. They may spend their whole life, living from the consciousness of the first 3 chakras. They’ll continually be in survival mode, caught up in relationship issues and fighting with personality traits. Indeed, this has been the case for a huge percentage of our global population for centuries. But, this is changing and rapidly.

Once you’ve pierced and have developed the heart chakra, then the road to higher consciousness will follow. Getting through to the heart level is the greatest journey for most.

Your spiritual coming of age - soul maturity
Once you’ve experienced a heart opening (and there’ll be several in your lifetime) then you’ll be given daily tests (from soul) to move the energy upwards into the throat, so that you find your soul’s voice and express it. Unconditional love will become the focus of your growth, as you learn how to be your own influential person, while also extending loving kindness to others.

40 - 50 - often the hardest lessons arrive
And therefore, your true spiritual coming of age begins around the age of 50, once you’ve developed every major energy centre. Now some ‘rare people’ will do this before the age of 50. Some will do it way after. But, the majority will find that from the ages of 40 - 50 (it could be sooner, it may be later) will present them with the greatest soul growth lessons and the also hardest lessons.

Immerse into your lessons, no matter how difficult they become, as they’re developing your higher consciousness - it’s a necessary part of your spiritual coming of age. Your lessons are essential for you to become a matured human, living life knowing that you’re a soul in human form. This is the 5D level of reality, which many are now successfully experiencing.

50 - 100 and your best years
Which brings us to the ages of 50 - 100, the potentially ‘best years’ of your life. If you’ve been looking after your body and moving through your soul growth lessons, you’re now in the enviable position of being mature on a soul level and physically capable of fulfilling your deepest desires. You have the stamina, wisdom and tenacity to see anything through.

Your presence and voice carries weight and power once you are spiritually adept. Generally this occurs, after the age of 50. These are the people who can take the world to the next level. They can become the most respected and revered in our society. It’s an honour to be over the age of 50 and spiritually awake and aware. Your presence serves as a role model and a leader for all in your generation and for all those who are coming through.

If you’re about to reach 50 and feel that your spiritual maturity is only now catching up, that’s OK. Realising your fullest potential is the all-important first step to living it. Know that your life is NOT over once you turn 50. It only starts to become better and better.

You’re at an age where you have decades of life experiences and you’re still physically adept enough to carry out your dreams. Once you enter your spiritual maturity from 50 - 100, this is the point at which to increase your health and well being practices. And to support you, there’s never been a time where so many healthy lifestyle options have been readily available to the masses.

If you haven’t already done so, immerse into daily exercise, meditation, manifestation practices, practicing loving kindness and activities that make a positive and inspiring impact. Consider moving into a plant based lifestyle that will keep your body lighter and in higher vibration. Move your body daily and honour your wisdom. Remember that you’re a soul creating your destiny. You are the master here. Remember.

Right now on the planet, we still have many in the Silent Generation (born from the late 1920’s to mid 1940’s) serving as mature spiritual ambassadors. The Boomers (born from the mid 1940’s to early 1960’s) make up the majority of those who have come of spiritual age and who hold great responsibility.

And Generation-X (those born from the mid 1960’s to mid 1980’s - The Cosmic Earth Bridgers) are the ones now coming into their spiritual maturity. They’re an important generation, one that will take us forward (in a balanced way) as the Aquarian Age progresses.

A new paradigm on soul maturity
It’s time for a new paradigm on soul maturity. It’s time to take responsibility for your knowledge and eons of experiences. Take back your power and embrace your abilities. Move beyond the 3D paradigm that says life peaks in your 20’s and craft the 5D paradigm, which sees your physical and spiritual life thriving for decades beyond 50.

I trust that this blog post has opened the door on a new way forward for you, no matter what your age or your stage of spiritual development. Trust in your innate abilities. Put them to good use. As you look forward now, live each day as your ‘best day’. Embrace your lessons, learn from them and rise because of them. For each moment contributes to the upshifted life experience that we’re all partaking of. You hold the key to an enlightened, free and peaceful society. It all begins and ends with you…

I’d love to hear about your experiences with ‘The Spiritual Coming of Age’. Let me know in the comments below

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THE SPIRITUAL COMING OF AGE, Soul's Best Years Are From 50-100