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Dear Cosmic Community,
Perhaps more than any other part of the physical body, it’s the eyes which can attract the greatest mysticism, the greatest soul connection and also, the greatest consternation. One simply cannot get past the eyes, they’re mesmerising, they attract attention, they share messages, convey energy and express a whole unspoken language, that we all intuitively seem to know. The eyes unite us and connect us with our spiritual heritage, and they’re a common thread amongst all genders, nationalities and species. When you look ‘into’ the eyes of either a human or any animal, you see something (or someone) incredibly similar to yourself, looking right back at and into - you.

Why is it that we instinctively know that we can be seen for who we really are, through the eyes? For indeed, eyes can attract, as well as repel, depending upon your mood and state of openness.

What if you decided to honour and uphold the energy being that shows itself clearly through the portal of the eyes? What if you looked deeply into the messages and connection on offer and began to realise that the invisible being emanating through the physical eyes is your gateway and connection home to the stars, home to soul and home to you?

The Eyes as a Portal to The Soul
Have you ever heard of the expression, ‘soulful eyes?’ Perhaps you have such eyes, or someone you know does? But, what are soulful eyes? Doesn’t everyone have them? Indeed, they do, but some people are so in tune with the life flow, and they’ve worked so deeply on developing their spiritual connection, that their soul appears to simply ‘glow’ right through the eyes. Their eyes can appear to be like sparkling crystals of light, no matter what the colour or the size. Babies and young children are like this.

Soul is ‘Light’
And, indeed soul is ‘light’ at its essence. So, looking into eyes that are full of light, shows (reflects) the soul that we are. It also shows the dark depths of space from which we emerge into the light, being the pupil - the student, which is the portal to the teacher, which is the master, the soul. One is reminded of that famous scene from the movie Cocoon where Brain Dennehy (Walter) pulls back the skin from around his eye and you see the light being that he is underneath. It’s a powerful moment of recognition of who ‘we are’ under our skin.

“Have you ever meditated and then looked into a mirror straight after? You would see your eyes are sparkling and a very different being staring back at you. You would be saying hello to - soul.”
— Elizabeth Peru

The Light - The Galaxy in Our Eyes
Indeed, when you observe the eye (the iris in particular) you can’t help but notice that the patterns resemble galaxies. When you look into your eyes, you see stars, planets, black holes and incredible nebula’s reminding you of who you are, what you’re made of and where home is. And each pattern, within each eye, is different and tells a story, a pathway and a journey of your entire life path. For your eyes can be mapped to your physical body, as a reflection of every organ and system, which also tells the story of your soul.

Emitters and Transmitters of Life Force
Your eyes are great emitters and transmitters of light and life force. The spiritual adepts of old knew and understood this, which is why the ‘eye’ has appeared as a symbol of inner power and higher knowing, since antiquity. Your eyes (when focused with intent) can become like laser pointers. You can literally move objects (just by looking at them) when you’re skilled at directing the power of light and life force.

However, it takes great discipline to direct energy in this way and it can be extremely draining if one isn’t proficient at energy discipline and replenishment of one’s own field And deliberate directing of light (via the eyes) to move matter should never be used for manipulation or for nefarious means, for the energy flow comes straight back to the sender, immediately amplified. I’m sure this is why we have seen century old stories of using the ‘evil eye’ to ward off negative energy and/or to protect.

Healing Eyes
Dependent upon how well developed your spiritual energy is, you may be able to emit great healing frequencies via your eyes. And this works just as well, whether your eyes are open or shut. Sending healing light via the eyes, is an incredible experience for both the sender and the receiver. I’ve met many natural born healers who emit the most loving waves of light via their eyes. These are usually the souls that have a strong head and heart connection. With the eyes being directly connected to the brain, it takes great skill and compassion to emit energy via the eyes that’s expansive, heart-based and grounded in the frequency of love.

Can’t Look You in The Eye?
If you have healing eyes, you may find that some people cannot look you in the eyes, whereas others simply can’t stop gazing into your pools of light. Many natural healers and those who have worked on their spiritual development need to become aware of the power of their eyes to emit high-frequency light. The higher the vibration of the soul directing the energy, the higher the vibration of the light, which is experienced by the receiver.

Try not to be worried or concerned if someone has trouble looking at your eyes, or deliberately averts their gaze. Not everyone, is ready to see and accept high-vibration light, especially when it’s being emitted from a human. For many, it’s often easier to receive the light from the eyes of animals, than that of humans. Either way, as long as the light and frequency of love is being transferred, all is well.

Focusing Within - Closing Your Eyes
You may also find that there are days where you consciously choose not to look at anyone. You don’t want to be seen and you wish to pull your energy within - to nourish your soul. This will especially apply to those who know that their eyes emit healing frequencies. You will need to become discerning about who and what you choose to give any of your lingering gazes to.

Re-charging Your Healing Eyes

For anyone developing their spiritual path and working on accessing inner wisdom, it will feel necessary to close your eyes often. As soon as you shut down your outer visual perspective of life, you’ll open up the awareness of your inner perspective. Visuals will still come to you (thanks to your Third Eye, which I’ll talk about below), but those visuals will be of morphing light, shaping in and out of form.

“You’ll find it relaxing and restful to close your eyes often, even when not in meditation. I like to do it regularly throughout the day.”
— Elizabeth Peru

Blinking when Transmitting Light
Closing your eyes regularly, naturally recharges and refuels your light source. You may also find that you ‘blink’ more than usual when you’re in deep spiritual conversations. The act of blinking ensures that you don’t drain your eyes, which will be sending and receiving greater amounts of light, during such exchanges.

For example, I find that when I’m conducting live workshops, that I’ll blink more than I do in normal conversations, as I can feel a swell of energy being exchanged between myself and my audience. I find that ‘the blinking’ is part of the light conversation happening between myself and those watching or listening. It’s a soul-to-soul connection. Blinking (feels to me) like using punctuation marks in a sentence.

When I’m in a one-to-one conversation in a healing session, it’s very different and I’ll blink much less. The more souls that are involved and the higher vibration the conversation, the more blinking that can occur. Try it and see what your experience is.

Large Eyes and Small Eyes
It makes no difference if your eyes are large or small in regard to your ability to send or emit light via the eyes and the quality and amount of light that is sent or received. What is of note, is that some people can feel more ‘exposed’ if they have large eyes, rather than smaller eyes. I can speak from experience (having large eyes myself) that it’s often difficult to hide your emotions or feelings when your eyes are so open and visible to others.

If you can relate to this, you may find that it helps if you talk to someone’s ‘Third Eye’ (I’ll talk about this further in The Third Eye section below) rather than looking directly at their right or left eye when in conversation - especially on those days when you may wish to be less exposed during a spiritual expansion period. If you have small eyes, let me know what your experiences have been.

Eye Colour and Spiritual Origin - The Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Aldebaran
The colour of your eyes can say much about your spiritual lineage, your physical heritage, your place of birth, your path to walk this lifetime and your starry origins I’ve worked with hundreds of people in personal sessions and I can often tell where someone is from (their spiritual origins) just by looking at their eyes. For example, those from The Pleiades, have very large soft eyes, where the heart connection is immediately visible. Many healers are Pleidian souls. Those from Sirius, I find tend to have smaller eyes with a sharp and direct gaze. I’ve also worked with many souls who tell me ‘telepathically’ that they’re from Arcturus and Aldebaran. These souls have determined roles to serve on Earth, often being ‘researcher’s of humanity’ and our evolutionary process. There’s much to say on this topic, but that’s for another day. Let me know in the comments, if you’d like to see a blog post on our spiritual origins.

Eyes Changing Colour
You may also find that your eyes change colour, or that your eyes become lighter the more spiritual work that you undertake. The greater frequency of light that channels through your eyes, the lighter and more translucent they can seem. I’ve noticed that my eyes have become lighter since I began my conscious spiritual journey over 25 years ago. And especially since I began cleansing and clearing my body with a vegan lifestyle, which kicked off my spiritual journey back in the late 90’s.

Sacred Eye Adornment - Make-up and The Soul Connection
If you’re like me, you’ve been drawing eyes your whole life. I can remember as a child and teenager (in particular) drawing endless pictures of eyes that were thickly outlined in black kohl, with bright shadow colours. I found this process took me into a deep meditative state Perhaps you’ve found the same? Indeed, the same can be said for making up your eyes, which is an ancient ritual and act that draws attention to the sparkling doorways to your soul.

I love eye makeup
. I always have and I take my time and pay particular attention to making up my eyes every day. When I sit down to adorn my eyes, it feels like a sacred ceremony and soul connection. It’s my special time to set my intentions for the day. Indeed, I wanted to be a make-up artist in my early teens. I often think of how my path may have developed, if I’d continued along that road. Would I be teaching today about the soulful role that make-up can play in connecting you with your spiritual source? I have a feeling, I would.

Some Common Eye Problems
Now, let’s look at a few common issues, which can arise with the eyes and what the deeper spiritual cause may be. Remember, to always check the physical, when you have an issue with your eyes. Rule a physical cause in or out, by having it looked at and then use your spiritual causes as a ‘deeper adjunct‘ to the physical. It’s what I do and recommend…

  • Watering eyes - You may often have one eye that waters more than the other and it may happen to you randomly. If it’s the left eye, this can indicate a spiritual source of pain or emotion. What is causing you spiritual sadness? If it’s the right eye, what are you neglecting to let go of or see in your physical life?

  • Eye Styes - Is there something or someone causing you irritation that you don’t have a solution for? If the stye keeps on returning, it could be a long standing problem, that requires your affirmative actions. Take action and the stye could fade away.

  • Short or long sightedness - If you’re shortsighted, are you always looking ahead, waiting for life to turnaround, while missing the present moment and all that’s good in your life, right now? If you’re longsighted, are you assured about the future, but maybe not so cavalier at looking at the present and what’s right in front of you?

  • Cataracts/Macular Degeneration - Apart from the ageing process or injury, cataracts can also form when you refuse to see the repeated reality of a situation that’s before you. The same can be said of Macular Degeneration. Remain open to change and implementing progressive solutions to life’s challenges.

  • Conjunctivitis (pink eye) - This can be caused by non-sterile hygiene, but it can also come from feeling fired up about what it is that you’re seeing. It’s eliciting a deep emotional response from within you, manifesting via the eyes.

  • Eye Twitching - Apart from the obvious, which is - don’t spend too long in front of the computer or your devices, eye twitching can also be brought on by an involuntary negative reaction to a new piece of information that has just come to your attention. This is something that you’ve just seen for the first time. Go into yourself and ask, ‘What is this showing me? Then take your own advice.

Your Spiritual Eye - Your Left Eye
When working with the eyes, it’s important to acknowledge which part of the brain governs which side of your body. From your eye down, your body is governed by the opposite side of your brain. Your left eye is governed by your right brain.

The right aspect of your brain conducts feminine flow. It’s responsible for your imagination, creativity, intuition, relaxation, trust, inner knowing, nurturing, caring and spiritual connection.

Speaking into The Left Eye
When you speak and look into someone’s left eye, you’ll be appealing to their soul and making a heart connection. You’ll be engaged in
a soft, deep, open and flowing heart-to-heart conversation that can bring people closer together.

I recommend speaking into someone’s left eye
when you want to appeal to their soul and higher truth.

The left eye is also a window into your past, and past lives in particular. When you cover your right eye and just look into your left eye, you can see your infinite, ancient presence looking back at you.

If your left eye is larger than your right eye, you may need to work on your spiritual path to bring it up to par with your physical life.

Your Physical Eye - Your Right Eye
Your right eye is governed by your left brain.

The left aspect of your brain conducts masculine flow. It’s responsible for your intellect, logic, rationality, action, and physical connection.

Speaking into The Right Eye
When you speak and look into someone’s right eye, you’ll be appealing to their personality and making a head and physical connection.
You’ll be engaged in a direct and to the point conversation. This is recommended when you need someone to do something (or hear something clearly) on a physical level, that’s important to you.

I recommend speaking into someone’s right eye
when you want to appeal to their personality and achieve clear outcomes.

The right eye is also a window into your future, and future possibilities in particular. When you cover your left eye and just look into your right eye, you can see your strength, courage and awesome resolve, looking right back at you.

If your right eye is larger than your left eye, you may need to work on your physical path to bring it up to par with your spiritual life.

Your Divine Eye - Your Third Eye
And perhaps your most ethereal and important ‘non-physical’ eye is ‘The Third Eye’, which is located in the centre of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. It’s within your third eye where (like a laser) you direct and pin-point your desires out into the physical world.

Consider that ‘thought’ is born of the spiritual dimension and it serves as the blueprint with which to create matter in the physical dimension. You’re a spiritual being experiencing a physical world. When you can acknowledge that what you experience can be and indeed ‘is’ altered by how you choose to view, direct and create it (from within you) then life truly begins to take on a deeper level of freedom, meaning and self-trust.

Indeed, it’s via your energetic third eye that you imprint upon your surroundings the visions that you wish to experience and see come to life. The Temples direct your thoughts into the centre of your brain, firing up the pineal and pituitary gland so that you can ‘consciously’ turn on the third eye and truly emblazon your ideas into form. I’ve created a Guided Meditation journey which beautifully assists you to Open up and Turn on Your Third Eye

I recommend speaking into someone’s third eye when you want to appeal to both their soul and personality - when you want a wholistic conversation. It can also feel ‘less confrontational’ and more ‘detached’ when speaking to The Third Eye.

Eyes are fascinating aren’t they! I love them and I trust that you do too. Never be afraid of your eyes, or anyone else’s. Use them with loving intent, and your eyes will show you the truth beyond the obvious. Eyes create unity, in what can often seem a ‘harsh world’. The more that you can appreciate the wisdom and healing power of the eyes, the greater your appreciation for what they have to show you.

I’s love to hear about your experiences with ‘eyes’. Let me know in the comments below

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