The Story Of Tea In The Moment

The Story Of Tea In The MomentSometimes all we need is to take a moment of appreciation. This is exactly what Tea In The Moment brand is offering. Matching ingredients and minimalistic packaging design are promising a uniquely tasting tea drinking experience. Today, I have the pleasure of talking with Jessica, founder of Tea In The Moment. 

Who or what inspired you to create Tea In The Moment?

I came across the idea as I was looking for something sweet to satisfy cravings in the evenings. My usual go-to would be a piece of dark chocolate, or if I wanted something a bit lighter I would make a hot chocolate drink or tea. However, I found that most of these contained ingredients, flavourings or preservatives that I’d never heard of, or they were blended with caffeinated green/black tea – not ideal before bed! I wondered if it was possible to take these existing teas, and strip them back to just one or two natural, whole ingredients for a naturally great tasting drink, that actually tasted like real dark chocolate!

What difficulties did you face so far as an entrepreneur in the beverage industry? What is the hardest part of creating and launching a beverage brand?

I am totally new to the F&B world, so I’m learning everything for the first time. My biggest challenge right now is trying to build brand awareness and get my product out there into the world!

Tea in the Moment is a tea line with 4 different blends. Can you tell us a little bit more about each blend? Which one is your favorite?

We currently have a collection of four calming blends:

Original Cacao, Mint Cacao, Rose Cacao and Coconut Cacao.

Each blend is made from the outer shells of cacao beans and blended with organic, whole ingredients – with no added preservatives or flavourings.

  • The Story Of Tea In The MomentOriginal Cacao is the simple solution for anyone looking to satisfy sweet tooth cravings. It’s warm, velvety taste is reminiscent of a piece of your favourite quality dark chocolate.
  • Mint Cacao is a fun take on the classic mint choc chip combination – the blend of refreshing peppermint leaves and sweet chocolate make it the ideal after-dinner dessert.
  • Coconut Cacao is great because it’s naturally sweet with a creamy finish – even better when tried with a dash of coconut milk and a sprinkle of coconut sugar.
  • Rose Cacao is definitely my favourite, it’s a delicate, floral blend that leaves you feeling light.

There are many strong tea blend brands in the United Kingdom. What makes Tea In The Moment differ in the market?

I completely agree. When I first set out to create my own tea brand I knew there was no way I could compete with some of these brands that have 300+ years of knowledge and expertise. That said, I also noticed it’s these same brands that have been sat on the shelves for as long as I can remember – marketed towards the same generation, with the same packaging, with little to no innovation.

This seemed odd because I knew people my age (the twenty/thirty-somethings) were willing to, and wanted to try new things and new flavours, especially if it provided a healthy, plant-based alternative to an existing staple.

In this way, I think both the product and the messaging sets us apart from what’s currently out there. In an aisle of bold, bright colours that are shouting for attention I hope the paired back packaging of our tea can bring a little calm to the loud lineup…

The Story Of Tea In The MomentI have to say, I just love the whole idea of Tea in the Moment used as a brand’s name. However, why this brand name?

They often say people create the things they need the most. The name Tea in the Moment represents the reminder I needed. To slow down, take a breath and bring myself back to the present.

Where sitting down with a meditation app always seemed quite daunting, a cup of tea provided me with the perfect opportunity for that mindful moment I so desperately needed, but often neglected.

This of course is not a new or novel idea, with tea meditation and ceremonies forming the basis of many ancient cultures for thousands of years.

But I wanted to introduce it in a new way that would resonate with the twenty/thirty-somethings of this world, and share the comfort and peace this simple practice brought me to whomever else might need it.

COVID-19 has a huge impact on the beverage industry. What changes has your company made in order to stay competitive?

We are digitally native, born online with a direct to consumer model (for now). At the moment my focus is on growing our instagram page and building a lovely community and a loyal following – which they are!

In your opinion, what are the biggest trends in the beverage market every startup should notice this year?

The Story Of Tea In The MomentThe emphasis on wellness and wellbeing. I think consumers, especially the younger audience, will want more than just a product. They’ll want something that tastes good but also makes them feel good. Within tea specifically, I think there will be a continued shift away from caffeinated blends and a growing interest in more experimental herbal blends.

What advice would you had given yourself before you started out in the beverage business?

Being totally honest, this is just the beginning for me so I still have everything to learn. I think continuing to reach out and ask for help will be the most important thing!

For more information visit Tea In The Moment website.

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The Story Of Tea In The Moment