The Ultimate Cake Pop Kit That’s Coming Up Rainbows

June is upon us, and it’s been quite a year to date. Time to reset, and think positive. In fact, take a cue from Amirah Kassem, the brilliant baker behind New York City’s Flour Shop, who signs her emails, “Sprinkles and smiles.” Eat something beautiful and delicious today. Think: rainbows and glitter, hearts and stars, rainbow whisks and unicorn sprinkles.

We couldn’t be more pleased to announce a new, exclusive launch with the woman behind the iconic Rainbow Explosion Cake (not to mention her amazing line of bakeware and accessories). Amirah’s new brainchild is just as epic—rainbow cake pops. They’re “cake on the go,” as Amirah explains to us here and in this lovely video. (It shows just how easy this can be!)

Cake on the go?! Sign us up. Here’s a bit more about what makes Amirah’s cake pops and general baking savvy so particularly marvelous.

rainbow explosion cake
Shop the Flour Shop Rainbow Explosion Cake kit here!

What was the inspiration for the Rainbow Cake Pops?

“Cake on the go, of course! It’s hard to keep a single slice of cake fresh so I wanted to create the perfect slice of cake that would not only stay fresh but easy to enjoy anywhere! No fork or plate needed!”

What’s your vision of how folks will use the kit, which makes 12 pops, at home? Parties? Playdates? Adults? Kids? Pride parties?

“All of the above! This kit is not only great for any type of party but the kit in itself is just such a fun activity! It’s super-easy to switch up the colors and celebrate any holiday or maybe your favorite sports team!”

Any extra-special tips for cake pop success?

“Too much frosting is usually always great, but in this ‘case’ you want to make sure you are leaving enough room to get all six layers in! If you wanted more frosting you could always make it 4-5 layers instead.”

Is there any particular way in which your baking philosophy squares with your life philosophy?

“Don’t be afraid to make the mess! Baking should be FUN! After all, we get to spread joy one sprinkle at a time!” 

Flour Shop Striped Towels

Any tips for making every day a party?

“I like to live a Birthday Lifestyle, which basically means, ‘Live everyday like it’s your birthday by eating your favorite foods, wearing your favorite clothes, etc. to create your own happiness!’”

Birthday lifestyle? Sounds pretty grand to us.

Shop Amirah’s amazing new Rainbow Cake Pop set here!

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The Ultimate Cake Pop Kit That’s Coming Up Rainbows